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  1. Changing Flask

    Other Literature The Word Alchemist Fiction Showcase.

    Hello. I will drop all the fictions that I'm writing there - given that the wordcraft would work with me, I can give on some of the... more interesting titles for you to read. Poems: Two Words, One Destiny: [My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossed with In Real World] List of...
  2. Changing Flask


    You remember when I spoke about 'in a hour'? I've (not) lied, but was fast. --- @Esther @Ocram Execution @Ganransu @Elivyr You find yourselves in a gray and dull interior of a truck. There was the same memory - a man with a balacava shouting at you before tazing you to unconsciousness. Around...
  3. Changing Flask

    OOC CODENAME BRAVO [Test Subject RP]

    Year 2021, Month August. People are suffering through a world-ending pandemic, just after another ended, made worse by the widespread drought. To escape it, people tried to get underground. Sounds easy, eh? The corporations denied them all that liberty, beginning to arrest them. It then led to...
  4. Changing Flask

    IC Polymorph: Infected Earth

    CoVID-19. The plaque that infected quarter of population worldwide despite quarantines as of March 2021, killing at least 10 million of them. The Second Great Depression killed three times that and impoverished about every man in the world. Nobody was prepared for any impacts, be it a hostile...
  5. Changing Flask

    OOC Polymorph: Infected Earth

    [Note: I'm not responsible for misestimated numbers of infected and killed due to CoVID-19, nor do I know when exactly will the first wave of infections peak and end. The economical consequences are also made-up from analysis.] CoVID-19. The plaque that infected quarter of population worldwide...
  6. Changing Flask

    Single Thread RP Synth 2 - Baleful and Stranded

    > Year 2266, Aguros Theta. This gaseous giant, known for strange atmosphere, and civilisation of sky-soarers. The latter died off ten years ago in the mysterious calamity that wiped them off the galactic chart. It seems lushy in the first layer, with the layers being progresively more overgrown...
  7. Changing Flask

    PC Halts Terraria Playthoughs.

    Well, here we are, a main post of the main hub. I guess I'll put up my future playthoughs there. Oh, I guess I can share another one after I infamously abandoned Thartler (oops.) So whatever, let's see what we got there. (Keep in mind I put screenshots, but whatever)
  8. Changing Flask

    The New Era

    [This forum game is based on Tappy Tap Adventures, thanks Pricey for inspiring me.] Years after the Apocalypse, the world thrived again. The people were generally more focused on building society once more, having an unexpected help from every hero. Well, not everything will go well. One hundred...
  9. Changing Flask

    IC Synth 1 - IC

    Alternate title: The Giant Struggle. OOC topic: Here! Have fun while playing this freeform! The wilderness. Not a stranger for the first humans... except for those who have nothing but their clothes on. Like us. Or... uh... anybody? Is even anyone there other than me and one other stranger...
  10. Changing Flask

    OOC Synth 1 - OOC

    Alternate title: The Giant Struggle. IC topic: Here! There's an OOC topic for what I hope to be a first RP to oust the standard of "why can't we develop characters from the common point?" And this one? That's right! A human! Everyone starts as human in relative wilderness near river and near...
  11. Changing Flask

    IC Chronicles of Pokémon: W.A.R.P.E.D. [IC]

    I was just returning home from the night wasted on the volunteering. man, I felt so drowsy, I didn't even know why I did that in first place. Most possibly the will to earn money, but the problem is - there's no good wage I could get just by volunteering. Moreover, it doesn't pay me anything...
  12. Changing Flask

    OOC Chronicles of Pokémon: W.A.R.P.E.D. [OOC]

    The starting action (to make it fit into lore) is set in city of New Orleans in USA, 29 September 2016. Since the beginning, humans had to fight the nature - a lot. Not like it was an arch-foe, but if for some reason it was sentient, the humanity could end. The task was childsplay at first...
  13. Changing Flask

    Ask Alchemy Pony / Changing Flask & his OCs Anything

    I'll just go along the style of Ask Me Anything. In fact, you can ask me anything, but even I have some rules in fact! In fact, any topic too personal/sensitive, too political, or those what I don't know will be denied to reply. Thartler, the former character of mine will explain why. Other...
  14. Changing Flask

    Be the Godmodders - Culling the numbers

    They have done goofed. The descendants, bloodthirsty with powers, have occupied every single server. Except for the few private servers, where Godmodders reside, most of them are either dominated by Game Masters or Descendants. But the time is running, and another generation of Godmodders has to...
  15. Changing Flask

    Swappermorph RPG: Plantera Edition

    Lore of this RPG (As well as of sister one) Character sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Human appearance: Other: Both swapped form and it's appearance are made by gamemaster. Rules: Notes: There are limit of 2 actions, but none on RP Rules also includes my characters after all... This...
  16. Changing Flask

    PC Thartler the Expert Ranger

    It's possibly my first public try of the Expert Mode. So, when rules are set, let's begin! Unluckily first world was crimson (will use it for mage playthrough).
  17. Changing Flask

    PC The Settlers Discussion thread.

    Let the discussion begin!
  18. Changing Flask

    Destroy the Godmodder: Spin Off

    Inspired by orginal Destroy the Godmodder, I'm willing to make a Spinoff. The Godmodder eventually passed out bringing peace to Terraria. But it wasn't safe. 5 years after Godmodder334566 have been joined and world have been changed into Isometric World. More people ragequitted, but rebelion got...
  19. Changing Flask

    PC Anyone played Empire Earth II or any strategy?

    This wouldn't be another Dead Thread, so, i personally like Empire Earth II. Why? Because of fixed priests behaviour, multi role priests, Action spying, and ... NUKES!. Even :red: haven't got damage of Nuke for Skeletron Guardian. Other than that, i did have Age of Empires. Egypt, Persian,Rome...
  20. Changing Flask

    PC Monstercore

    Unlike all diffulcities, your enemies isn't a mobs with specified AI, but humans! You will need to follow your own AI, to your advange. Like all cores with controllable character, you will control also mobs. I Summon Monstercore! (Title sprite needed) CHANGES: If you somehow manage in...
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