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  1. Marcato

    tModLoader Space Corp: Age of Collapse

    This thread is a placeholder for a project that will begin involved pre-development on June 10th The current plan is a gameplay loop that mostly borrows from terraria's physics and basic gameplay to create a lore filled sci-fi adventure. There will be nine explorable worlds per save and each...
  2. Marcato

    Drawings & Paintings OrbMan420's render thread

    This is where I'll post all of my little brother's 3d renders, since he likely won't join the forums. If he does, I'll delete this. He also has a channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzFFV9zG3Lckw93Z3CfOraA
  3. Marcato

    New special seeds for 10th anniversary

    Since Not the bees! is essentially a buffet world, I hope to see other bizarre buffet style worlds which I have ideas for here along with a few others: Oops! all ocean: Makes the entire world an ocean/underground ocean with little islands and oases scattered throughout, if stone doesn't...
  4. Marcato

    Language Pack Demon Censorship Language Pack

    This is a minor resource pack I created to scrub most references to demons/demonic things from this visible part of the game, since some people may be sensitive to this. (Mostly people in my family.) I did this to re-familiarize myself with json file structure for a greater project coming in the...
  5. Marcato

    Texture Pack Overhaul Pack Idea Suggestions

    This thread can be a general collection of suggestions for packs, but I'm pretty sure that already exists. I'm going to pick up a copy of aseprite today to begin work on a long term project where I overhaul the entire look of every sprite within Terraria. Unfortunately I have little inspiration...
  6. Marcato

    Introducing Myself

    My pseudonym is Marcato and I have owned Terraria since March 22nd 2021 although aware of it since 2013 from friends who played it on mobile and then later from those who played it on steam. I now have 100 hours in the game and understand much of the vernacular used by longtime players when it...
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