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  1. sgt. Sprocket

    Occasional Steam Crashes?

    I've been running into an interesting issue lately. Ever since the 1.3 update, I've been running into occasional instances of not only Terraria crashing, but Steam altogether. It only happens once every 2-3 hours or so. What will happen is Terraria will just close randomly, no error message or...
  2. sgt. Sprocket

    Advanced World Creation Parameters?

    So I was strolling through the "weird cases of worldgen" thread for :red:s and giggles, and then I had this simple but interesting idea. Basically it's to allow users to set more options upon generating the world. Minecraft, for example, takes this to the extreme, allowing users to set biome...
  3. sgt. Sprocket


    This place looks so pertty. Anywho, to celebrate the new community forums, allow me to present something I found on youtube:
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