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  1. rubeszilla

    Beyond Good and Evil, Understanding your Role, and other stuff to make a ridiculously long title.

    You may have read some fan theories about the player and their intentions and the stark revelation that you, as the player character, may actually be evil. And you may have read others rebute it and propose the player character is fundamentally good. A cookie cutter approach to motivations...
  2. rubeszilla

    Make Your Mouse Cursor More Visible

    Sorry if this has been posted before but I just found this from Reddit by Handhunter: There is a setting in the config.json at "My Documents/My Games/Terraria" called "ThickMouseEdges" (near the bottom), put it to true and you have a pretty thick border (white default) on the cursor. This...
  3. rubeszilla

    PC Upcoming Indie Souls-like 2D Action RPGs.

    Now that you've made it past that ghastly, unwieldy title, welcome to my repository of upcoming PC games (I really want to play) that are built on the best gaming genre ever invented: the Action RPG! The gameplay here shares similarities with our favourites from From Software or even our beloved...
  4. rubeszilla

    Seasons... Again... :/

    Seasons... Been done before, here's a recent one by Vladamier. I have a fairly different spin on it so I hope y'all don't mind yet another seasons suggestion. Ta. Some things we need to know first... There are 8 phases of the moon per cycle, a season is 3 moon cycles, which is 24 days, which...
  5. rubeszilla

    Yet Unknown Information

    Oi! So we know that fireflies spawn rate increases on a new moon but what causes those days when you have a massive butterfly population? Is there an environmental cause or is it RNG? What are the odds if it is RNG? (And I'm not just talking about the NPC effect, we all know they increase...
  6. rubeszilla

    Tree of Savior

    Watch it and weep... Why Tree of Savior is a Must-Play Game in 2015 (http://treeofsavior.hubpages.com/hub/Introduction-to-Tree-of-Savior-Game) Goddess of Death, Giltine and Goddess of Destiny, Laima There are a ton of MMORPG games on the internet, there's one that I think will be the next...
  7. rubeszilla


    The TO thread formerly known as World 2. The former Rat Palace, Sewers, Le Chateau du Party Girl, and other (not so) salubrious places have now been amalgamated into... (use 1950s B-grade movie trailer voice).. PARISH OF THE DAAAAAMNED! Download the map and try it out. Feedback welcome. Map...
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