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  1. Malteusa

    Coins will get quick-stacked to Piggy banks, Safe and other portable storages even if favourited

    Normally, favorited items won't get quick-stacked, sold or sorted. However it seems that coins will still get quick-stacked into nearby Piggy banks, Safe, Defender's forge and Void vault even if the coins are favourited. It does not matter if the coins are in the regular inventory or coin slot...
  2. Malteusa

    **REPORTED** Leeches information do not appear in bestiary after a WoF kill unlike other boss minions.

    As the title says bosses minions appear completed in bestiary after the boss kill. However WoF's leeches do not appear completed unlike WoF's other minions.
  3. Malteusa

    Mobile Tool/Weapon Spam with the Auto Select button.

    Weapons and tools being used by the Auto Select button can be spammed before their animation/sound is over. Swords are swung before their swinging animation ends and spears get thrown/get elongated and gain extended reach. The spears can still produce particles and deal damage as long as the...
  4. Malteusa

    Mobile Extractinator and Auto Target/Lock On Bug

    Using the extractinator while the auto target is locked on to a nearby target makes the extracted 'loot' from the extractinator drop at the target's location instead. Occurs with both targeting options and in multiplayer as well. This does not occur with crates or lootbags.
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