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  1. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Azure Skies

    Azure Skies Hey there! Welcome to the forum page for a little passion project of mine i've been working on called Azure Skies! This is a mod focused around expanding on areas within Terraria with new things as to alleviate the lack of focus it may not have gotten. You'll find a variety of brand...
  2. SkyanUltra

    AMA because my brain is melted

    hi, my name is SkyanUltra. i've been on the forums for a long while now and have been working on a mod currently named Skyan Trinkets (title pending) i've currently hit a slight road block as i have to actually update the entire forum page for my mod, but my mind is not in it right now to do...
  3. SkyanUltra

    How to make weapons similar to the way some of the OOA weapons are used?

    I want to make some weapons using the interesting use styles of the Ghastly Glaive and Sleepy Octopod, but I haven’t found anything on it. Any help with this?
  4. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Skyan Trinkets

    Skyan Trinkets *title pending Hello! Welcome to the W.I.P. forum page for my W.I.P. mod. Currently, the forum page is in process of being renovated as a lot of my ideas have changed and I may be going with a bit of a different direction with this mod than I intended to when I made this page...
  5. SkyanUltra

    Resolved Questions about Modded Terraria Rules.

    As of today, the rules state that Removed items aren't allowed to be implemented in a mod, but some items listed are not listed as Removed. Biome Key Molds are now considered Unimplemented, (see this forum page for evidence) and some are questionable like the colored blue, green, and yellow...
  6. SkyanUltra

    Sword similar to the Horseman's Blade

    Hey there. I was wondering if anyone could help me make a sword that fires a projectile upon hit. Here's the current item code, I want it to fire a bone: using IL.Terraria.GameContent.UI; using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace SkyanTrinkets.Weapons { public...
  7. SkyanUltra

    Help with displaying text above an NPC's head.

    I'm currently making an enemy that I want to have text appear above their head, similar to the sort of thing you'd see in Mod of Redemption with the skeleton enemies having a little "Slash!" text effect appear above their head.
  8. SkyanUltra

    Is there a mod that adds in AI Players?

    I'm interested in seeing if there is a mod that adds in players controlled by AI similar to the NPPlayer system in N Terraria. Also, just asking, but if there is, is it compatible with mods like Thorium with the healer class?
  9. SkyanUltra

    Reduce the bars needed for pre-hardmode ore armor!

    Since the beginning of Terraria, something has always been clear: pre-hardmode ore armor is an absolute noob trap. Why would you grind for 90 platinum just to get some defense, when you could get the same + more for at least getting somewhat close to beating EoW/BoC? In general, getting ore is a...
  10. SkyanUltra

    (SOLVED) Bees released upon damage.

    I want bees to come out of the player when they take damage, its for a accessory combination i'm making for my mod. Please help, if you're able to. EDIT: Nevermind, found out that player.bee = true is what allows for this to happen.
  11. SkyanUltra

    NPCs not spawning in and Boss Checklist crashes tModLoader

    I'm having a similar problem to most of the other recent posts. NPCs won't spawn at all, and I think it has to do with the new update. Also, Boss Checklist crashes my game everytime I try to load it. Anyone else having this problem?
  12. SkyanUltra

    **REPORTED** Desert Tiger Staff Bug (Not hitting a lot of times with hurl attack)

    I'm currently enjoying the new update, and finally beat Plantera to check out the new summon item. But, whenever the desert tiger does its hurl attack where they ball up and launch towards a ton of enemies on screen, they often miss a lot of the time. Maybe you could increase their hitbox a bit...
  13. SkyanUltra

    PC Summoner Discussion - What could be done to make it more viable?

    I want to bring my ideas to the table for how we could make the summoner class more viable, but still limit it so that hybrid class builds using the summons aren't broken. Post yours below if you have any, or post any gripes you have with my current ideas if you'd like. Whips Whips are...
  14. SkyanUltra

    tModLoader Adding Items to Vanilla Treasure Bags

    I haven't been able to find any guides that still exist for how to add modded items into treasure bags. Can anyone help me out here?
  15. SkyanUltra

    (HELP NEEDED) Robe not properly displaying on character.

    I'm currently making a gem robe type of armor, and it works fine other than the fact that when I put it on it doesn't display the bottom part of the robe, only the top part. Any help with this?
  16. SkyanUltra

    Armor that increases Bullet Damage only?

    I'm currently trying to change obsidian armor to increase your bullet damage. I just need to know how to increase specifically bullet damage and not just ranged. Thanks!
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