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  1. PulseBow

    Count to the highest number until 1834

    926 30.4302481094² sqrt(857476)
  2. PulseBow

    PC Achievements reset every time I launch the game

    Whenever I close and reopen the game, my achievements are reset, meaning that every time I open Terraria and join a world, a bunch of achievements come up that I have DEFINITELY achieved before (things like Benched and Timber). I'm not sure why this is happening, but I hope somebody could help...
  3. PulseBow

    Cannot host the server(tmodloader)

    This area is meant for Terraria and is not for issues with mods. For help with tModLoader itself, you might want to go to the official tModLoader support thread, tModLoader - Official tModLoader Help Thread, although I'm not sure if you will get an answer there.
  4. PulseBow

    Terraria, But I start in harmode with Terraprisma only

    wow that's literally the editor i have now
  5. PulseBow

    Terraria, But I start in harmode with Terraprisma only

    Could I just ask how you added the text on screen and what software you used? Good video, now do it without the Terraprisma.
  6. PulseBow

    Working as Designed Desertification progress bar won't move

    Sometimes certain steps take longer than others and progress bars have never been made to go smoothly.
  7. PulseBow

    Ask a Very Rare Traveling Merchant Sell/Ghastly Gibus (almost) Anything

    I dunno, who am I supposed to be? Do I even exist?
  8. PulseBow

    Ask a Very Rare Traveling Merchant Sell/Ghastly Gibus (almost) Anything

    please ask things relevant ok so ple- wait abraham no no please we can't leave yet no you know that I'm busy we can't go to that idiot's world oh come on i thought you said you were bringing CrimsonCloak - wait, you're bringing both of us? nooo, you might as well bring Zapinator instead. ok ok...
  9. PulseBow

    What Song Are You Listening to Right Now?

    Ha, imagine listening to songs. Plants Vs Zombies 2 Modern Day Final Flag theme Plants Vs Zombies 2 Modern Day Mid Wave B theme
  10. PulseBow

    Switch Violet Dye making vanity invisible?

    Thanks for telling me! :pinky:
  11. PulseBow

    Switch Violet Dye making vanity invisible?

    If this is already known, please inform me. :pinky: Uhhh ok
  12. PulseBow

    What are some bad weapons you like?

    Two for me. The Star Wrath has less crowd control then, say, the Meowmere, and worse single target damage than the Terrarian. but like god damn you're raining stars and the looks better than the star fury and max attack speed mm yeeahhh You probably don't even recognize that image. It's the...
  13. PulseBow

    Random Videos & Images Thread

  14. PulseBow

    Hello Terraria Forums!

    :pinky: It's good to see you.
  15. PulseBow

    Working as Designed Titanium Shard go through blocks

    I'm fairly sure the cross-class shards are intentional, although I'm unsure on the other one. Probably intentional but then again I get things wrong when I say "ehhh, probably is good enough."
  16. PulseBow

    Random slow-down & lag spikes (possible solutions).

    Do you have Frame Skip on?
  17. PulseBow

    Resolved I can't craft items, when I'm next to the workbench

    I don't think that's a True Night's Edge...
  18. PulseBow

    Most Annoying Enemy

    Harpies, not because they're even remotely hard in hardmode, but their goDDAMN SPAWN RATES IM TRYNA BUILD UP HERE WITH A PEACE CANDLE AND A CALMING POTION AND THEN THERE'S JUST A HARPY INVASION AND THEY SPIT FEATHERS. I mean they can be dangerous early on.
  19. PulseBow

    What is the point of more than 1 hook on a grap hook

    Basically, you can afford more versatile movement, and not fall whenever you grapple somewhere else. You can suspend yourself midair and also loOK AT ME IM PLANTERA
  20. PulseBow

    Ask A Lunatic Cultist Anything

    What does the Ancient Vision depict? It somewhat resembles the Moon Lord.
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