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  1. Wammyve

    PC Weird Connection Problem with Hosting (and possibly joining) Worlds Through Host & Play

    So not long ago I got a new cable modem router to replace the rented one I had from my ISP. I've also been subscribed to a VPN service called Mozilla VPN (makers of FireFox) for a while as well (still am). Recently, I've noticed a weird issue with trying to host my worlds for others to join and...
  2. Wammyve

    PC Friend causes massive FPS drop (144 to <60)

    So I never noticed this until now, but this one friend (we'll call him Flip) I have causes everyone's FPS to drop whenever he joins our Master Mode world. However, Flip says that his FPS seems to be unaffected. Flip usually ends up being the 4th member to join the world (I'm also not the host...
  3. Wammyve

    **REPORTED** Actions I do not saving after exiting the world?

    So I this is the 2nd time I encountered this and I don't know what causes it, and I'm not sure if it's only from me, but basically after I put some items in chests and then leave my friend's world (he also saves and exits shortly after as well), they end up not being there anymore. I have lost...
  4. Wammyve

    Laser Machinegun rev up

    Basically what could be a convenient feature/rework for the weapon would be to allow players to manually rev up the gun without firing it (without using mana) while holding down right click (or the use bind) so when it's ready to be fired, it fires at max speed from the start. Obviously the rev...
  5. Wammyve

    Wavebank RainAmbience (ripped from the game) sounds glitchy

    Alright, so I did a test on both the Vanilla wavebank and my wavebank, and Track 28 (RainAmbience) sounds perfectly fine on the vanilla wavebank, but when I used the exact same one the game uses in MY wavebank, it sounds glitchy/static when it thunders on your right ear (5s into the track)...
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