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  1. ÐarkŁight

    tModLoader No More Tombs

    No More Tombs This mod allows disabling the spawning of gravestones when you die, as well as adding other gravestone-related QoL features. Features: Disable the spawning of gravestones on player death. This effectively prevents gravestones from being obtainable (unless the next feature is...
  2. ÐarkŁight

    tModLoader Box of Gadgets

    Box of Gadgets This mod aims to add random useful items and features to the game. It'll be mostly items or features that give some kind of Quality of Life improvement. Content: Shovels: A new kind of tool!. They work similarly to pickaxes, but have the advantage of digging most soft soils...
  3. ÐarkŁight

    tModLoader [WIP] Crossover Mod

    Crossover Mod This mod aims to add various weapons and items that are mostly based on other games. Content: Downloads: Mod Browser - Mediafire This mod is heavily WIP, and as such it probably has bugs, specially in multiplayer. If you find any, please feel free to report them here or...
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