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  1. Rocketlauncher269

    tModLoader The Terraria Void Mod

    The Terraria Void Mod Is a mod im working on, it is currently a demo but next update wont be a demo Currently Adds: 75 New Items 4 Bosses: 4 Bars: 9 Enimies Its downloadable on the mod browser. Heres some art i made for the mod PS:Next update will overhaul the entire mod...
  2. Rocketlauncher269

    tModLoader Terraria Shortsword EX Mod

    Terraria Shortsword EX Mod Adds 66 New Shortswords And 2 Short Scythes Into Terraria This is the Last Update, V2.00 ! + Sword Bag (Uncraftable) Ways to download Github: Rocketlauncher269/Terraria-Shortsword-Ex-Mod Or on the mod browser! - rocketlauncher269
  3. Rocketlauncher269

    Pixel Art High Definition Copper Shortsword

    Copper Shortsword But 512 Pixels Instead Of 32 Pixels regular copper shortsword
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