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  1. Doubleozero7

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    This will forever be my favorite video game. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard on it. I've still got years of playing ahead of me!
  2. Doubleozero7

    New Terraria Merchandise From Sanshee - Including Journey's End Items!

    I'm loving Journey's End and I want to sincerely thank everyone who worked on it! This was already my favorite game of all time, and it has only gotten better with every update. Question on block swap: Does it not work underground on sand, or am I being dumb? I was hoping to use it to tunnel...
  3. Doubleozero7

    FORE-RRARIA! Hitting the Links with Terraria Golf

    All this new content is gonna take me years to play through fully, I'm so excited!
  4. Doubleozero7

    With Great Power Comes Great Accessibility - Introducing Terraria's New Journey Mode

    Now I might actually be able to build an entire castle out of luminite instead of fighting Moon Lord 50 more times for materials lol. A less impressive way to do it perhaps, but Journey Mode looks cool! It all looks cool. I can't wait another week!
  5. Doubleozero7

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    So no more wraiths bothering my town of NPCs every night? I love it.
  6. Doubleozero7

    What was Old is Made New Again: Revisting the Terraria Experience

    Solar armor was one of my top 3 go-to armor sets anyway, and you buffed it?? Awwww yeah 😎 I can't wait to experience all the new surprises this update has to offer!
  7. Doubleozero7

    Journey's End Vanity Contest - Finalists & Voting Instructions

    These are amazing, I wish I could vote for at least 5. Really cool ideas that fit Terraria but are totally unique!
  8. Doubleozero7

    Prepare to Embark on Journey's End

    My whole life has been leading to this day. Can't wait to sink another 500 hours into Terraria!
  9. Doubleozero7

    Terraria: Journey's End Spoiler Compendium

    These all look so awesome! I love the new furniture sets, especially bamboo! I hope we get bamboo forests in the jungle. Weather, pets, more food, it all makes the game so much more immersive, even if the additions are subtle.
  10. Doubleozero7

    Terraria State of the Game - January 2020

    If Master Mode has drops but no new weapons/armor, I'm good with that. They're already adding a sword beyond Meowmere, at some point you can't have better stuff. I had envisioned a mode past Expert being entered by fighting the "Wall of Steel," that comes at you from two sides of Hell. It would...
  11. Doubleozero7

    Terraria State of the Game: December 2019

    The little things are the best things. I don't need a new boss. Having dogs and cats? YES.
  12. Doubleozero7

    Terraria State of the Game: November 2019

    Don't worry about pushing it back. As long as the update still happens, I can wait. Just happy to have a bunch of new content to look forward to!
  13. Doubleozero7

    Terraria State of the Game - June 2019

    I'm so excited for Journey's End! Especially since I thought 1.3 was the last major update. Take all the time you need, make it awesome, I'll be waiting patiently!
  14. Doubleozero7

    Re-Logic Announces Terraria: Journey's End at E3!

    OH. MY. GOODNESS. You almost gave me a heart attack..."1.3.6 is no more." But you're saying this is 1.4?? Here I thought the forums were overhyping it, but it's true! I can't express how excited I am for this and how absolutely grateful I am for the dedicated team that's worked on this game all...
  15. Doubleozero7

    Terraria 8th Anniversary Lore Event

    I'm pretty sure Moon Lord was confirmed to be Cthulu's brother in Terraria, but maybe we'll need more lore to be released before we know for sure.
  16. Doubleozero7

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2019

    I don't even know what to say! I'm so excited! The work that continues to be put into this game for so many years is astounding.
  17. Doubleozero7

    25 Million Copies Sold & 1.3.6 Spoilers!

    I got this game 7 years ago this month. I am not tired of it yet, and I never will be.
  18. Doubleozero7

    I'd like to submit this picture for the next CC! https://imgur.com/D5TfGGs

    I'd like to submit this picture for the next CC! https://imgur.com/D5TfGGs
  19. Doubleozero7

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    Being able to replace sand to prevent it from falling on you is actually huge if you're trying to tunnel under a corrupted desert so you can purify the blocks above you. I hadn't thought of that. It's been a huge problem for me, but I go to insane lengths to purify my worlds haha.
  20. Doubleozero7

    New track for 1.3.6!

    Windy days and blowing leaves is actually something I've wanted for awhile. I love updates that make the world more dynamic! Thanks for staying committed to this game. I'm not a huge gamer, I only play a few games, and Terraria is my favorite!
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