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  1. Cenx

    Terraria Anniversary Spoiler!

    Good Evening Terrarians! As many of you know, our sweet little baby game just turned 8 years old! It feels like just yesterday we were hold up in a tiny hotel room in Minneapolis writing the initial design doc for 1.2! As the years have progressed and our community has grown, it has become very...
  2. Cenx

    Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!

    Greetings Terrarians! We wanted to reach out to everyone today in the spirit of celebration and appreciation for one of our own – the one and only Terraria Lead Coding Wizard, Yoraiz0r! The Cult of Yorai That’s right, its Yorai’s birthday today and that got us to thinking about his...
  3. Cenx

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    One Terraria "One Terraria" - For too long, we have felt that the Terraria community was too "fragmented", driven by some pretty large content differences between the various versions. One of the key goals of the Console & Mobile rewrite is to bridge that gap and bring everyone together into...
  4. Cenx

    Official Now hiring for Terraria!

    Good Evening Terrarians, I am happy to announce that Pipeworks, the team now responsible for development of Terraria for Xbox One, PS4, and mobile, are looking to hire a software engineer! We are extremely excited to pass along this information and see our game continue to grow and thrive in...
  5. Cenx

    PC News Flash!

    Good day Terrarian's! As some of you may have seen we will be splitting 1.3.2 into 2 smaller updates. 1.3.2 will focus some small quality of life changes as well as a silly new Birthday event! 1.3.3 will touch on more quality of life as well as Underground Desert! We intend to release 1.3.2 in...
  6. Cenx

    PC 1.3.1 Preview!

    Happy 1.3.1 Eve! To get things kicked off properly our good friend over at @ChippyGaming has made an awesome video showing off how controller support works in his new adventure map that uses brand new mechanics features! Make sure to check it out and join us for our stream later at 1pm EST!
  7. Cenx

    PC 1.3.1 : Mechanics and Controller Support!

    Good morning Terrarians! I want to start this announcement thread for 1.3.1 by thanking our amazing team for their hardwork and dedication to this update. @Yoraiz0r had his work cut out for him with adding controller support to an engine that was not built for it. Not only did he make it work...
  8. Cenx

    PC 1.3.1 Release Date!

    Good day Terrarians, In celebration of Terraria's 5th birthday we are pleased to announce the release date for 1.3.1, an update for PC that focuses on wiring mechanics and controller support. Thank you for your ongoing support, these last 5 years have been a blast!
  9. Cenx

    PC The state of 1.3.1 for PC

    Good day Terrarians, As many of you know, 1.3.1 for PC has been "just around the corner" for some time now. To give you a better idea of what this means I will be sharing with you the final list of tweaks that need to be made to controller support prior to us releasing. Trust and believe we...
  10. Cenx

    PC PC is getting controller support!

    Good afternoon Terrarians! With the launch of 1.3.1 just around the corner we are pleased to announce a new feature coming to Terraria on PC; Controller support!!! Controller support will include Ps4/Xbox One presets as well as custom support! Everyone spam your thanks to @Yoraiz0r for this...
  11. Cenx


    Good evening Terrarians, is now live! Now that 1.3 is in a good place the Terraria team will be taking a much needed break while @Skiphs continues to chip away at the Mac/Linux port. Thanks again for your on going support and patience, you guys rock. <3 Dedicated Server Software...
  12. Cenx

    Terraria is Live - Changelog Included

    Good Day Terrarians! As always thank you for your ongoing patience, support, and feedback! Below you will find a list of all the changes you can expect in the new live version of Terraria! To keep you updated on Mac and Linux as well: they are both currently in development and @Skiphs is...
  13. Cenx

    PC Changes

    Good afternoon Terrarians! Thank you all for reporting all your finds with 1.3! Skiphs and Yoraiz0r have been hard at work fixing bugs and listening to feedback from the community to get you these changes! Below you will find notes for all the changes that have been made in version
  14. Cenx

    Official A Short Time From Now...in a Minecart Not Too Far Away...

    Good evening, everyone! With Memorial Day behind us, we took a bit of time aside to build a showcase for a little something that we knew the instant that we laid eyes on it was far too cool to not share. Join one of our intrepid beta testers along his personal Highway to Hell as we give you a...
  15. Cenx

    PC Steamrolling Through 1.3: Introducing Steam Integration

    Happy April Fools' day!
  16. Cenx

    PC 1.3 Achievement Suggestions!

    Good day Terrarians! To continue our ongoing efforts to add community suggestions to the game we would like to start taking suggestions for achievements for the new achievement system that will be in the 1.3 PC update! A few of the areas you can think about while submitting your suggestions...
  17. Cenx

    PC A small spoiler...

    Here is that spoiler I mentioned earlier... enjoy. :dryadgrin: Edit: Weapons shown in this spoiler have NOT been balanced!
  18. Cenx

    PC 1.3 Spoilers!

    Good Evening Terrarians! Below you will find a video that shows off a new furniture type, new mechanics, and some fun new toys...Hope you enjoy! As many of you know we have been digging through community suggestions recently to see what we would like to implement into the game...
  19. Cenx

    Official Be Water My Friends: 1.3 Liquid Mechanics Changes

    Good day Terrarians! Coming with the 1.3 update, we are introducing brand new liquid mechanics that are more smooth and natural-looking than the previous "blocky" liquids in Terraria.This pair of videos show a "before and after" to showcase these fantastic changes! The new water does not...
  20. Cenx

    Official Dig Deeper!

    We stumbled upon this recently and felt the need to share it with you so enjoy!
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