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  1. TheWizard332

    The Jungle's bitter rival: The Relic

    AAAAND the thread died. I'm making some changes to this, so take a look and see if it helps with you guy's complaints. I thank you guys for pointing out flaws, and @Zoomo, I hope you don't think I copied the Cyber- since I didn't. Have a nice day.:indifferent:
  2. TheWizard332

    Hey Drok, theres something you may want to add to the mod......... go search up Peasant Revolt...

    Hey Drok, theres something you may want to add to the mod......... go search up Peasant Revolt for a cool event!
  3. TheWizard332

    Thunderstorms- Transferred from TO

    There should be a rare mob called Ball Lightning, same AI as demon eye except much faster and can go through blocks. !00 health, 12 defense. It does no damage. Instead, it shoots a beam that can confuse, light you on fire, and/or slow you.
  4. TheWizard332

    Console What HAVEN'T you done on Terraria so far?

    Gotten enchanted sword........ OR the HM version, the beam sword.
  5. TheWizard332

    The "You use WHAT?!" thread

    I hate melee weapons unless they have some sort of projectile function to them. This MAY be because my strategy is " Run away and spam Magic Harp" for boss fights.
  6. TheWizard332


    You guys have the BEST spelling.........-_-
  7. TheWizard332

    Summoner Prefixes

    I support your suggestion, O great omniscient Baconfry! *bows*:p
  8. TheWizard332

    Here comes something BIGGER!

    LOLOLOLOLOL:D but seriously....... who's idea was this?!?!o_O
  9. TheWizard332

    Ah, Soviets.................. Zimber how could you?!

    Ah, Soviets.................. Zimber how could you?!
  10. TheWizard332

    The dual hook = The double clawshots from tloz: Skyward sword / Twilight princess?

    Duel hook- in my opinion, worts grappling hook. But as for what you are saying, it seems possible.
  11. TheWizard332

    Mushroom Armor

    Oh. ;( I feel so dumm
  12. TheWizard332

    Mushroom Armor

    Okay, so we get armor............ furniture/weapons,anyone?
  13. TheWizard332

    More Lihzahrd Enemies

    Ehh. Seems okay I guess. Maybe a Lihzard Sniper that drops a Beam Rifle, which you charge over time then release to shoot?
  14. TheWizard332

    WIP Where is the "Were" in "Werewolf"?

    Yes, I am trying to find ways to do this.
  15. TheWizard332


    As if slimes weren't common enough...
  16. TheWizard332

    WIP Where is the "Were" in "Werewolf"?

    The bladed glove can be easily obtained by setting the date on your PC and farming King slime. I got 2 in 15 minutes. The werewolf tooth already exists, basically, if you are to lazy to find it you can just buy it. Maybe there should only be one, and it has a CHANCE of spawning?? You know...
  17. TheWizard332

    WIP Where is the "Were" in "Werewolf"?

    Okay,guys. The werewolf is just a hardmode zombie that everyone hates. "UGH, here comes another werewolf." they say. I've decided to change that. During the daytime, werewolves can be found wandering the forests in which they hunt at night. They look like humans in tattered clothes, sometimes...
  18. TheWizard332

    Pinky and the Lost Girl

    I will soon...........;)
  19. TheWizard332

    I might, if I'm not too lazy........

    I might, if I'm not too lazy........
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