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  1. daimoth

    Whoopie Cushion farming

    For those who don't know, Whoopie Cushions are rare accessories which drop from Diggers and Giant Worms. My broad approach is to allow these to spawn and nothing else, but first I need to understand worm spawning conditions. So... what is known about the spawn conditions of Giant Worms and...
  2. daimoth

    Pixel Art Daim's Den

    Welcome to the den, ladies and lads. Here's something to get us started: Pulverizer Crystal Blade (One for each gem, ya dig?) Mr. Mystery vanity set (Request: Mystery) Big Damn Axe Entranced Armor (Request: TheQuietBisharp) *Resprite* Armored Skeleton and/or Angry Bones = Zomboid...
  3. daimoth

    Clinger Staff: summoning weapon, or magic weapon?

    Do you consider it a stationary summoning weapon, a la the Crystal Staff or Staff of the Frost Hydra, or a merely a magic weapon that summons a stationary "projectile"?
  4. daimoth

    Should timers, stay on/off through world reloads?

    Currently, timers are off when the world is reloaded regardless of whether they were on or off on save/exit. Do you think their state should persist through reloads, similar to the way music boxes behave, or do you prefer the current behavior?
  5. daimoth

    How does one craft honey candles/spooky candles?

    The recipes at the wiki don't work, and neither the honey candle nor the spooky candle are listed as craftable by the guide when given candles, honey blocks, or spooky wood.
  6. daimoth

    Show off your traps/farms/contraptions

    Mob/boss/event grinders, crop farms, and hoiking contraptions are all valid. I'll start. A little back story, recently managed to corrupt my hard drive and lost my master world. Not totally bad, as the other world was so old it was a bit buggy - especially where fishing quests were concerned...
  7. daimoth

    Terrarians, post a screenie of the fugliest vanity set combo you can come up with.

    ITT: the most uncoordinated, unattractive, and un-matching vanity sets ever.
  8. daimoth

    D-pad stuck

    It's in the title. D-pad's stuck pointing up and left. What do? Edit: nvm. I'd delete the thread if I knew how.
  9. daimoth

    Razorpine: is it a staff, or a bow?

    I was reorganizing my chests and it occurred to me I had no idea where to put the thing. Is it a staff? A magic bow?
  10. daimoth

    Will monsters spawn in front of deactuated blocks?

    Let's say I've made all surfaces within spawning range unfit for mob spawning save one. Let's assume I'm preventing flying monsters as well. What happens if I actuate blocks atop that surface such that there are zero spawnable surfaces when the blocks are solid? Do they spawn as if the actuated...
  11. daimoth

    Is there a quicker way to clear large amounts of lava other than...

    ... actuating blocks over a large amount of it and reloading the world?
  12. daimoth

    Fishing troubles

    Simply put, I can't catch quest fish. I've caught exactly one quest fish so far, and it wasn't for the active quest. Looking at the wiki, that's not supposed to be possible. I'm using, purchased through Steam, unmodified. Currently, I'm looking for a mirage fish, caught in the...
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