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  1. kerembarsbey

    Sprites what if my ideas come true; alternative adaptations of martian madness

    QUICK DISCLAIMER AND DO NOT GET CONFUSED, THIS TIME I DIDN'T FORGET TO READ THE RULES: Yes, you heard me! There will be 1 edited sprite of Battle Bee(Thanks for his kindness. My permission was accepted.) and like almighty admin Tunnelking said; ''Giving credits is nice but did you get their...
  2. kerembarsbey

    WIP one sprite request & my other upcoming projects

    Hello! Kerem is here! Miss me? Yes you do! Because terraria community always loves clever creative spriters. I have some news but first of all: the request: make it terraria styled, but da steps: 1- copy & paste 2- resize the clone by 2 times then resize it by 0,25 times: basically; just...
  3. kerembarsbey

    Pixel Art What if my mind's dreams come true?

    Attention moderators(& my fellow friends): Read the poll: since there're such things like copyrights & creative commons; i have to respect their properties. That's why i don't own some of the sprites in my collection for my gallery but they're here to fill the blanks in my arranged terraria...
  4. kerembarsbey

    Pixel Art Kerem(Me) made sprites from my collection! & howdy!

    Oh boy! It's about time that I need to get out from shadows! It' s boring around here actually but I believe I can spice it up with my skills. I'm not taking requests; because I encourage you to sprite too.:) I'm not good at huge sprites but others; let's go baby! Actually I can do them but it...
  5. kerembarsbey

    A new spriter and sprite collector(for his private gallery) joins to fray! + Realistic soulurgy!

    As a guest of terrariaonline and tcf; he collected countless sprites; he edited them, rewamped them, learned and mimiced their hue shifting and shading to make his sprites. He realised he can do sprites that actually good. As a guest of terrariaonline and tcf; he loved the game; by watching tons...
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