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    Greedy Magnet

    A tinker of the treasure magnet and greedy ring. It has the effects of both, decreased shop prices, enemies drop coins, and you have an increased item pick up range. This would stack with the increased coin pick up range.
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    Anyone else having trouble getting pink prickly pears?

    I’m trying to get 100% researched in the game, and these have been a PAIN to get. I’ve afked for about 15 minutes in a new world in the desert with the time speed at 24 and while sleeping in a bed, and haven’t gotten a single one. Are they just insanely rare or am I just unlucky?
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    PC Add a quick-research hotkey.

    Just add a hotkey that allows you to quickly research something if it’s already in the research slot so we don’t have to waste time moving our cursor up and down and up and down, especially if you wanna research as many things as possible. This would be amazing for laptop players.
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    R.D.S (Rocket Deployment System)

    R.D.S Ranged weapon. Sends out tiny rockets, to go to the moon. All rockets sent through it are moon rockets. Tooltip: “To the moon! And other places!” This is just a small idea I had. I have no idea where this would go, and it’s stats because of that. Ideas are welcome.
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    Magical Shoe.

    A weapon.. that is a shoe. Magical Shoe. 42 damage. Tooltip: “Give em the shoe!” Bounces off enemies when it hits. Stacks up to 5. Acts like a throwing weapon. Doesn’t use shoes when thrown though. Melee Weapon. Crafted from 18 hollowed bars. If for some reason you don’t want this in the...
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    BaZooka (Weapon.)

    BaZooka. Tooltip: “Boom! Bam! Baa!” Damage: Undecided. A bazooka that shoots.. animals. This is a suggestion that would add a bazooka that’s shoots animals, instead of rockets. Different types of animals give different effects. Gold animals do 10x damage. Animals explode on impact. Just a...
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    More Pets.

    Buncha ideas for more pets. All tooltip will say “Summons a pet *name of pet*” Wooden Wheel. Crafted with 10 wood and 5 iron bars. Its a wooden wheel. If it needs to fly then it will get a white piece of cloth or something and flip it up and down (like Mario with the cape thing) Ball of Flesh...
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    New enemy that drops Black Lens 100%.

    The black lens is currently a rare item, with a 1/100 chance from dropping from demon eyes. I suggest we change this to where it now only drops from a new demon eye variation, called the Black Eye. It looks like a black eye, and has a 2% chance out of 100 to spawn. It has a 100% chance to drop...
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    Do small knock back but no damage. Also knock back NPCs. Crafted with 5 silk and 20 cobwebs at a loom, pillows are used for pillow fights. Preferably with players. They come in 5 colors: Blue, green, orange, purple, and black. (If anyone notices how I chose the colors, congratulations.)...
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    More Vanity!

    I think this goes in equipment? Eh. Anyway let’s get into the suggestion(s). Just some vanity I would like added: Also things in (this) are not on the item. Dust (Looks like desert sand around ur head.) Tooltip: Don’t bite it. (Obvious reference to another one bites the dust) Rare drop from all...
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    Small Suggestions By RandomBuilder

    A lot of small suggestions, will probably update this sometimes. Keep in mind these are small suggestions, so not much may go into them. Also might ramble a little bit so.. you been warned. Slingshot. Crafted with 8 wood, Shoots pebbles (One stone = 25 pebbles) We need because... slingshots...
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    Reworking some Hardmode Expert Boss Fights

    Simple. Some boss fights are not as reworked as the ones in prehardmode. Most are just a stat buff, with the exception of duke fishron. Might add more to this later. THE DESTROYER: Probes now explode upon death, and the destroyer itself drops dirt projectiles on the Player when it’s above the...
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    Pumpking and Ice Queen Masks

    Literally just masks for these two bosses. Pumpking one could be animated to switch between faces. Maybe for other event bosses too, but these two are top priority imo.
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    Wings Slot

    Be honest, most of the time you have wings equipped in hard mode, giving you only like 4 slots for other stuff. Wof would drop item that allows you to have wings slot Is called angels heart and looks like demon heart, but blue and instead of spikes angel wings. Simple QoL feature.
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    The Arachnids (Alternate Evil Biome)

    While the corruption is... evil and the crimson is gross, there’s not a biome that’s outright creepy, Coming all the way from the underground, spooky scary spiders... (Sprites are welcome as there are currently none) (Stuff will be added over time) TERRAIN It would obviously be white and brown...
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    ThatRandomBuilderGuy's AMA

    My own AMA, do just that. (Plz no personal questions like where u live and stufs)
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    Hytale Game Thread.

    Hytale game thread, talk about the game. (Note:at the time of this post hytale is not released. Also apologies if there’s already a thread for this.) (Also hytale like minecraft 2.0 If u don’t know what it is.) I’ll start, who gonna buy the game when it releases?
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    Shift Clicking Ammo

    Relatively simple, ability to either shift left click or shift right click ammo into ammo slots. Quality of life feature that Idk why isn’t in the game yet.
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    Giving the Lunaric Cultist proper drops.

    Lunatic cultist will be referred to as “Lc” for rest of this post, Lc currently has no drops at all other than the manipulator, giving it the least amount of loot in the game, the reason (I think) for this is so we don’t have to the the lunar events multiple times just for drops, But hey, we...
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    What’s that one thing you can’t spell?

    Terraria has some hard to spell words.. what’s one (or some) that you just can not spell? Mine is fetid baghnakhs (i had to go to gamepedia for that)
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