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  1. Elemental5678131

    Ping people randomly here

    ping random people here (example: @Keiran )
  2. Elemental5678131

    Pixel Art Elemental's pixel art thread

    I will just be posting a bunch of pixel art here
  3. Elemental5678131

    Cross-Platform My Vivillon patterns

    this thread is just me making Vivillon patterns and posting them on here
  4. Elemental5678131

    Ask my OC's anything (an AMA but for my OC's)

    This is an AMA but for my OC's just post the OC's name and then what you want to ask them (their names are in my signature)
  5. Elemental5678131

    Single Thread RP Pokémon RP

    all of us just make an RP together
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