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  1. Lizardead

    Corruption-Proofing: Would This Work?

    So my world had corruption right next to the jungle again and instead of digging a portal to hell I decided to box it in, with the edge of the map acting as the rightmost pit. Would this work or should I do it the usual way?
  2. Lizardead

    PC World and Character Corrupted/Worlds Keep Corrupting

    Each time I boot up the game either the world or the character that I used the last time I played is corrupted in some way. Before it was just the world being corrupted, with a "load backup-backup failed" thing, but now both my character and my world are completely blank and won't do anything...
  3. Lizardead

    Enhanced Player Creation

    So recently I was starting up a new character and a few things annoyed me about player creation: There's only a few hairstyles with beards. The ones they do have suck. Other than hair you can't change anything other than the colour of your player. So, I came up with this. Beards: Beards...
  4. Lizardead

    PC World won't load

    I tried logging on to my Terraria world today and, as it sometimes does for me, reset my language/autopause settings. However, for some reason, whenever I try logging on to my main Terraria world, it momentarily shows the mainmenu's background combined with my GUI before crashing altogether. I...
  5. Lizardead

    [Crimson Soul Alt] Soul Of Wight

    So I've been in hardmode for a while now, and one key thing is starting to bug me: The utter lack of crimson-esque souls. Might just be because I'm an artist and clashing colour makes me angry, but I really hate it. So, I quickly whipped up some sprites for it and came here. Soul Of Wight The...
  6. Lizardead

    Resolved "Verifying Internet Connection" thing [EDIT] Nvm, I'm just an idiot

    So I was trying to log onto this from my phone, but for some reason it wouldn't load more than halfway before quitting and giving a generic"please refresh your thing" response. However, literally every other website was fine accessing it from my computer and from what I can tell it wasn't a...
  7. Lizardead

    Corrupted Jungle

    When I went into hardmode, a giant slab of corruption spawned RIGHT on the entrance to my underground Jungle. Like right on it. What am I supposed to do now?
  8. Lizardead

    PC Looking for a Lava Charm

    So yeah, I'm preparing to fight the WoF, and I decided to get some Lava Waders since I just spent 3 hours corruption protecting my biomes and I really don't want to make a hellplatform as well. I'm willing to sell Demonite, Vile Powder, Shadow Scales, an Obsidian Skull, and possibly a Shadow Orb.
  9. Lizardead

    The Obscure Games Thread

    Post any obscure or lesser-known games you're into here. For example, a few months ago I was browsing the Youtube of the creators of Don't Starve (I'd post that instead but I'm not sure how popular that is) and found this: Okay, not really. I found the alpha equivalent of that. This one came...
  10. Lizardead

    Will Sprite For Food Or Maybe Also A Mention In Your Mod's Credits

    EDIT: I'm currently helping out with the Crossover Mod Thing, so this is closed. For now. Recently I've been flitting between the modding/fangame forums for a bunch of games trying to find a place where I can get mildly involved, and since this is the only 8-32 bit game I own where Steam...
  11. Lizardead

    What does your base look like?

    #ShamelessWayToShowOffMyOwnBase2015 This is a place for all you noobs/pros to show off your base in its entirety. Doesn't matter what's in it or how it looks, just post your base. I'll keep a list of all the posted bases in the OP if anybody's into that. I'll start off:
  12. Lizardead

    More statue mob spawns

    The other day I finally got the Mechanic, and immediately I set to wiring up a bunch of statues I found to farm mobs. But, when I got to my two goblin statues (something I was really looking forward to being able to spawn), ...it didn't do anything. I was pretty pissed, considering the chest...
  13. Lizardead

    Increase EoW mobility

    So recently I fought the Eater of Worlds, and honestly , it wasn't that hard a fight. At the start of the fight, the EoW sort of just flew by me and let me swing at it for a while, until it split, which made it harder for a while, but then I broke it down some more and it essentially turned into...
  14. Lizardead

    Cthulu According To Re-Logic

    I'm not sure if this is has been done before, or even if this is the right place to post this, but I thought this was too good to pass up. Ever wonder what the Eldritch horror that is Cthulu looks like combined with Re-Logic's in-game depictons of its brain, eyes, and other yet-to-be seen...
  15. Lizardead

    Sometimes You Just Want To Make Sprites

    So, yeah, I made an art thread. Here I'll mainly post terraria-style textures of various mobs that may or may not exist yet. I'll also do pictures occasionally, but since I have no tablet they'll be 16-bit at most. MY STUFF:
  16. Lizardead

    I Just Came To Say Hello, Hello, Hello-oh-oh-oh

    Hello, Terrarians! I'm Lizardead, an ironically alive and human guy who recently remembered he owned Terraria and quickly became obsessed with it. I used to draw a lot with my old and rusty 3DS, but now since it's broken I just make new textures for a few pixelated games that I own, one of them...
  17. Lizardead

    The Hollow

    EDIT: Somehow I managed to accidentally plagarize an entire idea. Can someone delete this?
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