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  1. Talus

    Least favorite video games

    So, fellow terrarians, I've seen a lot of favorite video games threads so I decided to flip it around... for me it is, at number one:::: Fortnight
  2. Talus

    Stupidest thing that you have ever done(terraria)

    Hello, fellow terrarians, I just recently trashed my ankh charm because I couldn't find the cobalt shield that I had equipped and forgotten about. I decided to let us all share our stories of human stupidity(unfortunately there is a lot)!
  3. Talus


    alright y'all lets start a cult!
  4. Talus

    ParadoX mod

    Hello fellow terrarians, I have finally managed to get my mod presentable... and here it is!
  5. Talus

    Ask me anything!

    Go ahead!
  6. Talus

    If you could...

    If you could add one of any item, mob, or town NPC to Vanilla terraria, what would you add?
  7. Talus

    New Unsolvable error for BIG TMOD BRAINS

    I decided to just let the mod compile update slide, and I just figured out how to debug it (ask if you want to know). I created a public static void, but each time I try to load it, this appears:. Do you know how to create a new method without using the generic version?
  8. Talus


    Hello fellow Modders, I recently downloaded an update for terraria called modcompile, as soon as I needed to compile my mod, this error appeared. Please help, I have no idea how to fix this, and so far I have tried for two hours.
  9. Talus

    Ripple projectile

    Hello fellow terrariums, I want to know if any of you have any ideas about how to create the ripple projectile like in ancients awakened and in elements awoken?
  10. Talus

    tModLoader Skilled Pixel-artist Needed

    Hello fellow terrarians, I am making a mod and need a skilled pixel artist. If you want to help and are good at pixel art, please post a preview of what you can do.
  11. Talus


    So, I made a boss and I can't figure out how to make a box of ore spawn around the death point when it dies, could any of you modders tell me how?
  12. Talus

    Homing projectiles

    Can any of you good people out there tell me how to make homing projectiles?
  13. Talus

    How can I make a personalized structure or biome

    I need help, I can't figure out how to make a custom structure or biome.
  14. Talus

    tModLoader How to decompile .tmod files

    Does anyone know how to decompile .tmod files
  15. Talus

    Source code help

    I want to decompile the source code for terraria, I know that I can't share it, but I want to be able to see the actual source code to help my mod. could any of you tell me how to do it.
  16. Talus

    Cthulhu / Poseidon boss pixelart

    I need some pixel art for a new boss that I am making, he is a post moon lord background enemy with one separate entity, he summons in ocean eyes and water tornadoes, (any code for a vanilla projectile Sharknado) I am working on the code and if anyone could donate some pixel art of a Cthulhu or...
  17. Talus

    Mod Ideas ANYONE

    I'm making a mod and If any of you could donate pixel-art or ideas to my mod.
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