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  1. Everybody

    Master Mode FtW Blue Slime Question

    Why is it in every playthrough i watch of Master Mode for the worthy the blue slimes do 40 damage, but on my world they do 100+?
  2. Everybody

    tModLoader League of Legends

    Hello, I am Everybody! I am already working on (and made a few sprites) for an upcoming League of Legends mod which turns the items in the game to accessories in Terraria, which will also can be crafted into other items (such as Cloth Armor-> Bramble Vest). Check back for a list of completed items!
  3. Everybody

    tModLoader Terraria+

    Content Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons Magic Weapons Armors Radesteel Armor | Magic Armor | Crafted with Radesteel Bars Shadow Armor | Speedy Armor | Crafted with Cobalt or Palladium Bars/Soul of Night Spiky Armor | Tanky Armor | Sold by Goblin Tinkerer Cryo Armor | Ice Armor | Crafted...
  4. Everybody

    tModLoader Terraria+

    (Download Coming Soon) Content Melee Weapons Development Team Everybody - Me. The Main Coder, Spriter, and director for the mod. Positions on development team currently under investigation. Credits TheAlphaAndTheOmega - Currently unimplemented, but sprited all of the armors you see (or...
  5. Everybody

    Crippling Arrow

    Hello there, Everybody here, I can't really make sprites right now as I won't be on my laptop till the weekend, but an idea I thought of is Crippling Arrow. Crippling Arrow: 0 Damage Inflicts 'Handicapped' on enemies for 3.5 seconds. Crafting (x70): Wooden Arrow (x70) Soul of Might (x3)...
  6. Everybody

    tModLoader Terraria+

    Been a long time, everybody (see what I did there?). I've been away from the forums (On League of Legends Boards) but I'm back. I missed coding, and I missed Terraria (a bit, not in a longing kind of way). So here I am, to create content again. Here in the WIP version of the mod, I'll have...
  7. Everybody

    Story Knife 2 - The Rush to Victory

    Just to say; If you need a refresh of who the characters are, visit the first story for a full list of the characters. Too lazy to CTRL-C and CTRL-V right now. (Yeah, I just said that). Yeah that's it so far.
  8. Everybody

    Obsidian Armor

    I just think that it needs to be oriented around defense. In my honest opinion, we should make it more like a Pre-Hardmode Turtle Armor. Obsidian Outlaw Hat Defense: 4->7 +4% Melee Damage +1 Enemy Aggro Obsidian Longcoat Defense: 5->8 +3% Melee Damage +1 Enemy Aggro Obsidian Pants Defense...
  9. Everybody

    Standalone [HELP]

    I'd like to learn how to start a standalone, because I've been waiting a while to continue Terraria+.
  10. Everybody

    Pixel Art Skill Perks

    I'm going to be working on a game that will utilize points that can be spent into different areas to receive different and vast bonuses, otherwise known as Skill perks (Whether this is going to be a Racing game or an Adventure game I don't know), and I'd like to know how this looks for an empty...
  11. Everybody

    Moon Lord

    I died to him, and need to know how to resummon him.
  12. Everybody

    Mega Weapons

    Well, after some recent inspiration I decided I'd like to make a suggestion based off of it. While this is probably not going to get in the game, I'd like Redigit (well, now, Yoraizor and Skiphs) to put a version of this in the game (preferably the version I'm suggesting now, but, any version is...
  13. Everybody

    tAPI The Elements of Harmony

    This is a mod which is centered around the famous (or infamous, depending on who you are or where you live) show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, otherwise known as MLP: FiM, but, is referred to just MLP by some bronies (such as myself, and possibly a few others on the forums). This mod...
  14. Everybody

    Pixel Art Everybody's NEW Pixels

    Welcome to my New Pixel Art thread! I figured... if I was gonna restart Everybody's Mods into something new, why the hell not restart my pixel art thread? I have improved! As for requests, I will do them if possible. If I cannot do it, then oh well, I tried. I'm good at Swords... Swords...
  15. Everybody

    Mini-Biome Chests

    So, it's been a month since I posted a suggestion, because I was too busy modding it (and if I manage to get good enough at world gen, I may as well put this in my mod or something. Who knows). The point is, I have an idea. And I'm not going to go all-in depth about these biomes. Also, on a side...
  16. Everybody


    How do I make an item act like a soul? Like it defies gravity?
  17. Everybody

    Ore/Block Framify!

    Alright people! I'm tired, and I need some ores to framify! I need lots and lots and lots of blocks to framify! Here's some works that I've done )(just give me credit, yeah? And don't steal these frames)!
  18. Everybody

    tAPI Terraria+

    (Download is at bottom) Content Tools Melee Weapons Ranged Weapons Magic Weapons Summoner Weapons Armors Ice Queen Armor | +36% Magic Damage/+100 Max Mana | (Set Bonus) Magic Weapons deal Frostburn Dropped from Ice Queen Elf Armor | +30% Melee Damage/+30% Melee Speed |...
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