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  1. NASA

    Allow the music toggle to be saved

    Hi, is it by any chance possible to keep the toggled music in the drunk world seed (5162020) to be saved when quitting the world? From time to time I enjoy to listen to the classic osts over the otherworld and vice versa. Thing is that it's quite annoying how I'm forced to travel to the party...
  2. NASA

    Can't find a sprite

    Hi, I've been searching for the Golf cart sprite but I just can't find it in the Terraria folder. Any idea where it exactly is found?
  3. NASA


    Hi, I found that the max resolution of my pc is 1600x900. Is there any way to make it bigger than that? Thanks!
  4. NASA

    PC Music box

    The music box is pretty good, but it has a small thing that should get changed. When you want to save a music with the music box, you'll need to use an accessory slot for doing so. Or if you want to listen to a music you saved, you will also need to use an accessory slot( or place it which will...
  5. NASA

    Mobile All my progression is gone

    So, my phone had a bug where the wifi was randomly turning off and on. I decided to restart my phone and see if it was fixed. Because of restarting my phone, i lost ALL my progression. Every world and character. I backuped them in cloud. And when i open google drive, i still see that everything...
  6. NASA

    Mobile Good news for Android users!!!

    So, i think almost none of you know how to play online on the mobile android than using bluetooth or same wifi. Well i found a youtube video showing you how to play with other people on Android. The application name is VPN Easy. You will need to add terraria by clicking on a + under. Then...
  7. NASA

    Mobile Angler Prizes bug

    So, i did like more than 5 angler quests on my new world. I didnt got bunny mount, nor master bait. I have seen someone said the same but he didnt report it so im doing it. Idk why it happens. Im sure that quests doesnt stack if u do the quest from another angler since i dont even get master...
  8. NASA

    Mobile Lihzard Temple bug

    I Found this out in my new world. The entry got blocked by lihzard bricks i luckily got rod of discord and picksaw bit if someone doesnt have those he need to make a new world to beat golem
  9. NASA

    Mobile Travelling merchant bug

    I killed the travelling merchant. See whose head spawned...
  10. NASA

    Mobile Hallowed biome bug

    Well the bug is that if you make dirt wall hallowed, u will get jungle wall which causes that jungle key molds Drops rather than hallow ones. Also i think because of this, gastropods are sometimes spawning in the underground jungle.
  11. NASA

    Mobile Eye Of Wall Of Flesh has awoken!

    I defeated WoF with razorpine. One eye was left. Some "the hungry" monsters werent killed. After killing them, the eye dissapeared. This isn't really a big big since the eye was going nothing.
  12. NASA

    Mobile Game crashingen when loading world

    Well i wanted to enter a world and the game kept crashingen. I restarted my phone. Nothing happened. Then Ive removed and downloader the game back. Still nothing happened. Can someone help me please?
  13. NASA

    Mobile King of slimes achievement

    Hey guys, om trying to get all the achievements. Well i actually need help with the one named "King of slimes". You need to kill all types of slimes. I think i need to kill only one more and it's the purple smile. I bever saw it on mobile but on terraria Wiki it said that it spawns really...
  14. NASA

    Mobile Magnet Sphere

    Well this bug is really weird. The magnet Sphere can do frostburn or on fire! Debuff if ur having Frost armor or fire Gauntlet. Maybe it can do other debuff by using flasks or potions
  15. NASA

    Resolved Chest spawn bug

    Well i was searching for the turtle pet. Suddenly i Found this strange chest spawned inside blocks. Also when opening the chest, there was a weird picture of an old man???
  16. NASA

    Mobile Scala truffle

    Well i want to get the scaly truffle which gives you the pigron mount. I saw that you need to fish in the caverns in An ice biome overlappend with crimson/corruption/Hallow. Well i used a clentaminentator(idk if i spelled right) with those Hallow solution. Now i only want to Know if what i did...
  17. NASA

    Mobile Tempest staff funny bug

    Well as you Knox the tempest staff spawns a sharnado that fights for you, it throws sharkrons.Well with me it doesnt throws only sharkrons, but also other things.for example it throws the buff picture that increased enemy spawn rate, or Jack o lanterns etc :p
  18. NASA

    Mobile Chaos elementals

    Can someone Tell me how to get easly chaos elementals spawned? I didnt see any the whole time that i play.
  19. NASA

    Mobile Beenades minibug

    Well, i was wearing Spectre armor with hood and throwed some beenades. The spawned bees that got spawned were giving me the healing bonus.
  20. NASA

    Mobile Bases

    Can you guys show me your base and Tell me in which biome you build it?
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