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  1. Night Of The Sun

    Calamity staff of blushie

    So I've managed to get my hands of the staff of blushie in the calamity mod, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. I've read that it spawns blue gears on chains, but when I try to use it, I see my character hold the wand for about a frame, and then vanish and it consumes mana. Am i doing...
  2. Night Of The Sun

    I broke my mana

    So... me and my friend were joking around in the calamity mod and doing some PvP, and suddenly, i couldnt use magic. I looked my my mana total and saw it was at -60000. The number will go up, but at some point will loop back to around -60000. How do it fix this?
  3. Night Of The Sun

    Grinding time

    So i like to play on this one terraria server, and a new game came out, but when i tried to join it, it said my character needed +10 hours. He had 0 because i only used this character for this server. So i made a single-player world and sat in a box for half an hour, only to learn that at some...
  4. Night Of The Sun

    Unloading mods in Tmod loader

    So i am still pretty new to using tmod loader, and I was wondering if when you unload a mod (say the calamity mod) and you have a character/world that uses the mod's additions (like armor), will it delete all of those items on the spot or do you need to play as the character before you lose items?
  5. Night Of The Sun

    Mobile Goblin Glitch

    a bug in terraria mobile is that you can't reforge any weapons when you talk to the goblin tinker. When you try to, the tinkering box turns red and rejects the items. Is there a way to stop this?
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