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    How can I change the position of my Custom pet, it is not standing on the same level as my character

    This is what my custom pet looks like right now, how can I change it to have it stand on the same level
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    Custom Pet problem, Pet is sunk into the ground

    I manage to make my own custom pet, but there is a problem where it is in the ground, not on top of it
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    Having trouble making custom Pets

    OMG ITS WORKING... how the heck did I not see that >.> Have I been coding with my vanity sets saying UltraVaniySets the whole time?
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    Having trouble making custom Pets

    Oh my god hold on let me see if it works now
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    Having trouble making custom Pets

    Here is the screenshot, could be because its in with all my vanity item sets?
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    Having trouble making custom Pets

    Yea I have the png file where it should be yet the game doesn't pick it up. This is the png file for the Item I have And below is the code for it
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    Having trouble making custom Pets

    So I have gotten coding sources for pet buffs, pet items, and pet projectiles, and when I build my mod on the mod browser, there are no errors that show up, but when the mods load themselves this error pops up [15:36:19] [21/ERROR] [tML]: An error occurred while loading UltraVaniySets The...
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    Lost Mod Files

    Alright Ill try it out once I figure out how to extract all my files from my old computer
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    Lost Mod Files

    I made a mod called Ultra Vanity Sets, but all the files I had, along with the coding, was on my old computer, which sadly doesn't work properly anymore. How can I get all the modded files back and transferred to my new computer
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    Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

    This is a really good idea that I love to support! Especially the vision boss fight, with the seer weapon. I mean if the devs don't put this boss into the game, how about you put it into Tmodloader? Unless it is already on there, I just discover the idea of the boss.
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    tModLoader Arrival of the Blind Forest

    I am having a problem with the mod, as whenever I beat a boss it doesn't count and doesn't say for example: King slime has been defeated. And on the same note it never gives me a treasure bag when ever I defeat said boss
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