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  1. Aqre

    **REPORTED** Crash during credits (Specific scene)

    Terraria crashes when I reach the part where the Tavernkeep and the Dryad are parting ways and the moment the Tavernkeep steps in the portal, the game crashes. The crash report is in the spoiler below. My specs: Version: Windows 10 Home ( Build 19041) x64 Based PC Processor...
  2. Aqre

    PC Tail Accessories disappear when equipping wings

    Pretty straightforward: Tail Accessories disappear when equipping wings. If you turn off visibility for the wings, you can see the tail while standing still, but not when you're flying. I also went on a cheat character and got myself a celestial starboard. My tail disappears as soon as I'm...
  3. Aqre

    Possible way to create Marble Machine

    I was looking at the new 1.4 golf course and got to thinking: is it possible to create a marble machine? I assume so because all you need is a start and a finish. This branches off into other questions: Is it possible to use hoiks on the golf ball to make it even more interesting? How about...
  4. Aqre

    This is an obvious introduction

    Hi … Congratulations, you can scroll :joy: … or you just have a huge screen:rolleyes: * This is a message from your local newbie * ** This is a message from your local newbie with an old account but forgot password / username ** *** This is a message from your local...
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