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  1. PaperLaur

    Other Literature A World Called Terra - History and Short Stories

    ~A World Called Terra~ [ short stories from the past and present of the playground of gods and heroes ] ~ HEY GUYS I'M BACK DID YOU MISS ME nobody missed me. Uh, this is going to be a sort of collection of my oneshots and scenes based on Terraria, including its lore/mythology, gameplay...
  2. PaperLaur

    Short Story Goodbye from a Guide

    [ I am upset tonight so I decided to write a sad thing. And I happen to like the guide. This is sort of meant to be in a situation where The Guide doesn't respawn. ] Words scratched out on the back of an envelope now lying on a table in the main room as the others cleaned up the ashes and...
  3. PaperLaur

    Story The Twins: Test of Redemption

    Originally inspired by a PlotBin suggestion. Took on a life of its own. Help. -:-:- The Twins: Test of Redemption Once, two of the Moon Lord's servants were something more human. A horrific fate; fallen guardians cursed to become the scourge of the land, eventually sealed by the spirits of...
  4. PaperLaur

    PaperLaur Flips In!

    Howdy everybody! Just a new face who decided to pop in here and see what was happening ^_^ Name's Laura, but I go by Laur almost all the time on teh interwebz. I recently turned 19 and am currently college freshmeat studying communication (though will probably be taking some time off to figure...
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