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  1. pogchamp lol

    Mobile World editor for mobile?

    Terraria Map Editor is one that works on iPad, i use it all the time! no need for a pc
  2. pogchamp lol

    Hacked OP Character + World (world is W.I.P so please dont expect much of it)

    Anyways screenshots below. (p.s) money trough / piggy bank is full of useful items) This character is hacked btw (Also comes with world file) :)
  3. pogchamp lol

    The Last Post Wins!

    o_o was i supposed to read a college finals essay worth of bio?
  4. pogchamp lol

    The Last Post Wins!

    bro if you dont s-shut up i s-swear-
  5. pogchamp lol


    Are you both on PS4? I don’t think terraria has cross platform for PS4.
  6. pogchamp lol

    Help my world got deleted

    Actually, it deletes the file forever if done via the game itself. you have to delete the world through files if you ever want it back. Same with MC.
  7. pogchamp lol

    Mobile Anyone wanna do a trade? No specific requests. Item offering: hurtful PWN hammer

    Forgot to add: Please add your username and any detail to describe you, also add a specific area to meet and describe it in the best detail possible.
  8. pogchamp lol

    Mobile Anyone wanna do a trade? No specific requests. Item offering: hurtful PWN hammer

    Hello! Please reply in the comments. meet in the server t.aurora-gaming.org (port: 7777) at 6:00 P.M Eastern Daylight Time.
  9. pogchamp lol

    Resolved [Mobile] Alright, so I found a dupe glitch-

    So basically its only confirmed to work on mobile but it might work on pc, so here’s how. 1. Choose desired world 2. Fill a chest with desired dupe items 3. Leave & go to files 4. Copy the world file 5. Join both the copied and the normal world and take the items out 6. You duped your items :D
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