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  1. AquaSuper

    Resolved What should I do if my work is stolen?

    I created a Half-Life Texture pack and uploaded it to this site earlier this year and took a break, but once the steam workshop was announced; I found that someone else posted my work onto the Terraria Workshop, without even crediting me, I've reported it on the steam page but I'm not sure if...
  2. AquaSuper

    PC Half-Life Texture Pack

    Download it here Additionally, here are all my resources with the .piskel files to edit I hope you enjoy using this Texture pack, in this pack I have changed: [Armors] Gold Armour - HEV Suit Mark IV Platinum - Opposing Force PCV Suit Molten Armor - HEV Suit Mark V Ninja Armor - Black Ops...
  3. AquaSuper

    Problems with making Chainmail Armour textures

    Hello everyone, I've been having problems with loading the body section of my armour set, I have properly named the asset as both helmet and leggings work, although the body section has not updated after enabling the texture pack, am I missing something? Here's a list of the assets I have...
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