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  1. Praedyth

    PC FPS drops on good PC

    Heya folks, passing here just to ask for help on this matter. My PC is more than capable of running Terraria and while I don't have problems starting I notice how I start at 60fps, then drops hard at 30, stays like that for a while, bounces back to 60 for a few seconds then again drops to 30...
  2. Praedyth

    Working as Designed NPCs not detecting their neighbors if they're at ther sides, only up and down.

    Here you go, Arms Dealer doesn´t talk about the Nurse and they have interactions with each other (like rock, paper, scizors) but the Dye Trader talks about the Arms Dealer just fine. Kinda baffling since before the update both the Nurse and the Arms dealer talked about each other with no...
  3. Praedyth

    Working as Designed NPCs not detecting their neighbors if they're at ther sides, only up and down.

    Title, I'm starting a new world and while building the homes I noticed how NPCs would completely ignore other NPCs if they're at their right or left. But if a move someone to a room up or down of a occupied room then both NPCs start talking about the other. This is normal? Because it's...
  4. Praedyth

    Terraria 1.4.1 Journey's End Spanish Translations

    Francamente estaría muy bien que arreglasen esos pequeños pero notorios problemas, me gustaría ayudar con esto. Todo lo añadido en 1.4.1 no tiene nada traducido y es un tanto molesto para los que no tienen conocimientos de inglés.
  5. Praedyth

    **REPORTED** NPCs "crowded" dislike mood activating at 4 people in the same house.

    So, before 1.4.1 dropped I had my Forest home with 4 NPCs who didn't had a problem with each other. While reading the patch notes I found how the new cap for the crowded mood was increased from 3 to 4 . The number of NPCs before "crowding" starts has been increased from a town of 3 to 4. I...
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