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  1. Sapphron

    **REPORTED** Extremely minor bug with block swap

    Hello, I found a visual bug in and noticed that it hasn't been fixed yet, in Details of the bug: When doing block swap on an unbroken block, hitting the block partially with the block you want to place damages it visually, which is normal. if you destroy it with a pickaxe...
  2. Sapphron

    PC Amber Hook

    Well, I was wondering, "Why are there no amber grappling hooks?" So I decided to make this. Amber Hook Shoots: 30 tiles Crafting: 10 Amber or 5 Amber 1 Grappling Hook (what's better?) So yeah, that's it, Ih8 signing off.
  3. Sapphron

    PC FNaF 3 stuff revealed! )Not a joke btw)

    Hello! I am stuttering because I have disassembled this, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/381852545/1424011270 and in the message found: mynameissPringtrap (My name is Springtrap or My name is Spring Trap) What could that mean?! Maybe the golden/hybrid animatronic...
  4. Sapphron

    Everything Backwards! !sdrawkcaB gnihtyrevE

    Welcome back to another thread! I have been reversing words lately, so I thought I would make a thread for it. Wood = Doow Snow = wonS Spongebob = bobegnopS Squidward = drawdiuqS Slime = emilS I will post any more that you guys have! (Yes, this thread is just for fun) Ih8creeperz signing off.
  5. Sapphron


    (BE WARNED, THIS IS ACTUALLY A JOKE, BUT GO ON AHEAD IF YOU WANT TO) Here's some beta footage: (Removed by me)
  6. Sapphron

    Other Art Ih8creeperz's MS Paint Workshop

    Okay! Let's get this started. On a thread recently, I've been making art with MS Paint. It turns out bad/hilarious, so ask me if you want any. I mostly copy-paste things from the internet, then crop it. Art Queue Requests that are done Well, that's it! Ih8creeperz signing off.
  7. Sapphron

    Mechanical King Slime (Mech Slime)

    Yes, I think so. A Mechanical King Slime would be a good idea imho. Version 1.5 --Stats-- Mech Slime (Sprite here please) Health: 20,000 Defense: 30 Damage: 70 (Item sprite here please) --How to Craft-- 200 Gel, 10 Souls of Night and Light at a Mythril, Orichalcum anvil --Drops--...
  8. Sapphron

    Serious Raspberry Pi!

    Hi people, I'm getting a Raspberry Pi, as announced on my profile page. Any tips on what programming language RasPi uses? I'm going to hook it up to my HDMI TV in ~9 weeks, and that's that. Remember that this title is [Serious], and not a joke, any help would be appreciated since I have next to...
  9. Sapphron

    Increase Nimbus Rod Drop chance.

    The title says it all. Make rain events more common, the Angry Nimbus more common, and the Nimbus Rod a 8% drop chance.
  10. Sapphron

    PC Your Boss Techniques and Equipment

    I have one thing to say. What are your favorite boss strategies that you use? I like to use shurikens, no armor and a bow of some sort before gold/platinum against EoC. I use Water Bolt (Waterbolt) against EoW and BoC too. I get a Minishark and/or Night's Edge and Sunfury against WoF, and I use...
  11. Sapphron

    WIP The Orchard: A New Hardmode Biome

    Ih8creeperz.start/transmission=theorchardbiome.exe Loading... START TRANSMISSION Title Version 3.1 Please give feedback! Hello! It's Ih8creeperz, and I am here to discuss a new "The Orchard" biome as an alt. to the Hallow. There is a biome chest, obviously. The music will be like this...
  12. Sapphron

    Ih8creeperz's Terraria Giveaway! (15 copies)

    CANCELLED HELLO AND WELCOME TO MY SECOND THREAD, THE Terraria Giveaway until January 2nd! Okay, just ask for a copy and give me a good reason, then give me your Steam account to gift you the game. Winners: surfern552 thejoseph98 That's all! And make sure you don't have Terraria already. Merry...
  13. Sapphron

    Ih8creeperz's 1.1.2 Speedrun (I don't know why)

    Hello and welcome to my 3rd forum post/page! I decided to use Windows Live Movie Maker to speed up things, and I got this. Enjoy! Episode 1: x3 speed (all are x3) Episode 2: That's all I've got so far! Subscribe for more videos! Channel Link: www.youtube.com/user/TheMinecraftMasters0
  14. Sapphron

    Ichorlash by Ih8creeperz

    Hello and welcome to my second thread, proposing the new, cool, ICHORLASH! Here are the stats: Ichorlash Damage: 70 (Magic). Speed: Average Speed. Mana Cost: 30 Mana. Special Use: Lowers enemy defense by 20. (Thanks to skyblade57 for pointing that out!) Hope you liked it! Just a small idea I...
  15. Sapphron

    Hardmode Ore Arrows

    Hello and welcome to my first forum post/thing! I've been thinking lately, Why are there no hardmode ore arrows? Well, we don't know... But here's a few suggestions! Cobalt Arrow Tooltip: "Blue with pride" Damage: 10 Critical strike chance: 3% Velocity: 3.5 Splits into two arrows which do 5...
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