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  1. jose_X54

    PC NPC Assign home bug Terraria Journey's End [v.]

    Hey there, I was building this sort of underground house with a pool under it and when I check to assign the home to my Dryad, her home was pointed in the pool, I wasn't sure why that happened so decided to remove her home from there and try to assign it again in the pool to see if I could do it...
  2. jose_X54

    How should I make 1.4.2 music packs?

    I've followed the steps about how to create the music pack but it doesn't show up in my resources pack list, it only shows me the other resources pack I've dloaded before, what could it be?
  3. jose_X54

    Wavebank 1.4 Wave Bank - Little Witch Academia + Hataraku Saibou

    Hello everyone, I've been watching some interesting stuff in this forum, so, I decided to finally create an account, and for starting I'd like to share with all of you a Wave Bank for Terraria 1.4.0.X (PC), it's made with the Little Witch Academia + Hataraku Saibou (Cell's At Work) anime music...
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