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  1. Burst

    WIP The Raven King - Because there are not enough ravens

    It's me again! Today, I got a new boss suggestion. This time, it's all about a certain animal, a certain black-winged bird. We are talking about ravens today! Calling in the Raven King. (Or for short, "The Raven") But Burst, how do we summon him? First of all, we need to make a small change -...
  2. Burst

    PC Temple achievement change

    So, we all know about that Temple Achievement - which only occurs when you mine Lihzahrd Bricks. But why only then? My suggestion is to change that. It should happen when you unlock the Temple Door. That would make more sense, you know? So yeah, that's it!
  3. Burst

    PC Special effect for gem staves

    Hello everyone and welcome to my newest suggestion. This time, we take a look at gem staves. They all do the same thing - shoot a gem bolt. Time to give them special effects, huh? Amethyst Staff and Topaz Staff should be able to stun the enemys shortly. Good for stopping them so you can beat...
  4. Burst

    Ask me anything

    Basically what the title says. I'll answer everything you ask me and...yeah, that's actually it. So, post your questions and I'll be sure to answer them!
  5. Burst

    tModLoader Elements Awoken (WIP)

    Elements Awoken is a large content mod for Terraria, adding over a thousand items, loads of NPCs, bosses, townsfolk and new mechanics. We hope to bring you a refreshing take on the modded Terraria experience. Be sure to join our discord to chat and find information! This page does not include...
  6. Burst

    PC Mechanical Bosses Expert Changes

    The Mech Bosses in Expert are not really hard. Also, their expert drops are basically an minecart which shoots lasers. Time to make a little change, okay? First, both of the twins can do an new attack now. Retinazer can shoot 4 lasers very fast (like his second phase). He is still able to...
  7. Burst

    PC Fun with Bombs

    An small idea which came in my mind. I know, some of you are liking to let everything explode. So, here are some bombs, which will do your exploding sessions somewhat better. First, we have the Insta Bomb. Made with 1 Bomb and 3 Explosive Powder. When thrown, it will explode on contact with...
  8. Burst

    WIP The Alpha Wyvern - An giant wyvern boss

    You killed the Wyverns. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn't defeat you. Ever wondered where this wyverns are coming from? They are coming from the Sky Kingdom. And their king is mad. Mad at you. INTRODUCING... THE ALPHA WYVERN! Can be spawned with the Wyvern Feather. Post-Mech boss...
  9. Burst

    WIP Rune Caves - The Home of the Rune Wizard

    We know the Rune Wizard, right? Ever wondered, where this bad guy comes from? I mean, he appears and attacks you! So, where do he come from? He comes from the... RUNE CAVE. The Rune Cave is an mini-biome, which will spawn on World Generating. In Pre-Hardmode, this mini-biome is kinda useless...
  10. Burst

    WIP Mechanical Army

    "They said the mechanical menaces aren't builded.. They fusioned with the Dark and Light they said. They said would someone kill them, the mechanicals are rising...They said... They wan't revenge...." That's Right! The Mechanical Army is an event which will occour after defeating the three mech...
  11. Burst

    Music SonicBurst's Music

    Hello! :) Since yesterday, i do custom tracks. :) I want to share them with you, so letz get started! https://soundcloud.com/burst3d/sets/darkness-ep - Darkness EP - Like the name says, it's an EP. Six tracks selfmade. The tracks you should absolutely hear are "Hardline", "After The Dark" and...
  12. Burst

    WIP Give the thrower class some love

    The thrower class. An big problem for many throwing class players is, that they only can get to the end of pre-hardmode. No further. Why? The Throwing class seems to be an full class, so why we don't have items for it? I will suggest some pre-hardmode throwing stuff, as well hardmode stuff up...
  13. Burst

    SonicBurst's Suggestions

    So! That are all my suggestions! http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/chickens-and-corrupted-chicken.15173/ - Chickens! http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/underworld-key-and-a-new-weapon.40355/ - My first good suggestion...
  14. Burst

    PC The Delta Shield - Endgame Shield

    This item gets added in the Ethereal Mod! Thanks to @iShadow ! After the Moon Lord, the combining of stuff is not present anymore. Let's change that, eh? First of all, let's introduce... The Luminite Shield! Crafted with 10 of every Fragment, and 10 Luminite Bars. +4 defense, +20% melee...
  15. Burst

    SonicBurst's Lores!

    Requesting status: Requests are closed for now. This lists every mod I'm writing the lore for. If a mod is not on the list, then I am not writing the lores for that mod. Thanks for listening, enjoy reading. Additional notes: Some of the Elements Awoken lores are made by both me and @Roy...
  16. Burst

    PC Celestial Blade - A simple yet good idea

    No Celestial Sword? (No, the Star Wrath and the Meowmere are no Celestial Swords.) Come on, give the melee class at least one last sword in the Lunar Event. Celestial Blade (Colored after the 4 towers and my own 5 tower suggestion, the blackhole pillar.) 260 melee damage 6% critical strike...
  17. Burst

    PC Ore changes - Making Shroomite it's own ore and many more!

    Howdy, this is a suggestion I've came up with. Time for some ore changes. Shroomite "Glows bright" We all know the struggle about making Shroomite Bars. Finding a glowing mushroom biome is stressing and making a farm does help that much. So it's time for a change! If you infuse Chlorophyte Ore...
  18. Burst

    PC Gravity Pillar - An fifth pillar for the thrower class

    Hello! So we all know about the Lunar Event, Right? It's a little bit bad that the throwers don't have Lunar Event support. How about an fifth pillar? How about the Gravity Pillar? The Gravity Pillar is an fifth pillar which spawns in the Lunar Event. It's based on throwing class. Also, a few...
  19. Burst

    WIP The Mastermind (Not an Mechanical Brain)

    I kinda believe that there should be a hardmode brain boss, however, not really a "mecha brain", but a normal, non-metal brain. I proudly present.. THE MASTERMIND! He looks like a giant blood scaled and much more monstrous version of the Brain of Cthulhu. 30000 HP (20000 HP + Ichor Creepers...
  20. Burst

    WIP What i wish for Terraria 1.3.4 or 1.4

    Heya! Burst here and thats my wish list for next updates! - Adding new weapons, for pre-hardmode and hardmode. - A desert themed boss. Like an Giant Scorpion. - A ice biome themed boss. - A alternative hallow - The Terra Armor, made with all 4 celestial armors. Give bonuses to all classes. -...
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