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  1. BruhmanRus

    Texture Pack Clockwork Dragon Pet/Summon

    i like how his name is noodle :dryadtongue:
  2. BruhmanRus

    PC Terraria Boss Recoloured

    They are shiny now.
  3. BruhmanRus

    The H Pack

    Hhh, hhhh hhhhh hhhh!
  4. BruhmanRus

    Texture Pack Foundry&Alchemy Texture Pack

    gore not edited aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Still one of the best texture packs
  5. BruhmanRus

    Survival Smol World

  6. BruhmanRus

    (Enchanted Sword)

    that's great =3
  7. BruhmanRus

    Slime flying mount.

    Kinda looks like chinese BoC
  8. BruhmanRus

    Blue Fairy over Flickerwick

    Try replacing Flickerwick with water candle, i'm sure it'll look cool.
  9. BruhmanRus

    (Enchanted Sword)

    also the terraprisma(item form) tooltip says that it summons an enchanted sword
  10. BruhmanRus

    Survival Smol World

    screenshots pls
  11. BruhmanRus

    (Enchanted Sword)

    lol i thought it would be vice versa :>
  12. BruhmanRus

    PC Bosses of the Moonlord

    Bro, this looks sick! Just make Skeletron look like Moon Lord's skeleton and it will look even more amazing.
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