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  1. Ziiio

    PC How do I update my world in steam workshop?

    Please help. Thanks
  2. Ziiio

    PC NPC Themed House Series - Building Guide/Timelapse

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________ :dryadpassionate:Hi there, welcome and thanks for having a look at my post.:dryadpassionate: I publish new contents weekly. My Youtube Channel...
  3. Ziiio

    tModLoader Custom Background

    Can someone help me? I downloaded Example Mod folder. I did a several custom items such as armor but I couldn't turn on the custom background... Please help, I appreciate it! Thanks for reading
  4. Ziiio

    Drawings & Paintings Ziiio's Paintings

    _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Christmas Queen _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Slashing the Zombie with Night's Edge...
  5. Ziiio

    PC Ziiio's Build

    Haunted Castle ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Party Pool??? Ready...
  6. Ziiio

    PC Terraria | The Untold Story Series - Ziiio

    Spoiler _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Trailer You can check time here Pacific Time (-8:00) _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Starring Kenj - The Fisherman...
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