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  1. DJEN

    Luminite Weapons: Solar and Vortex

    Nice concepts. Instantly became a fan.
  2. DJEN

    Imp/Spider/Twins AI changes

    Dunno about game-breaking, but the Sanguine Staff definitely grants you some consistent DPS. It's a weapon that you can really rely on, not a supportive damage boost like most other summons.
  3. DJEN

    Throwing stuff should be melee not ranged

    Could always make them drop as Items, just like in 1.3. Fits with the melee theme, too. Would be a little awkward, though.
  4. DJEN

    PC Please, for the love of God, REMOVE THE CRUMBLING BLOCKS!

    An option to toggle the generation of certain annoying structures could be added to the world generation menu.
  5. DJEN

    solar pillar needs a nerf

    Yep, all classes have their own reflection-proof weapons. Might be a bit different if you go into all the different subclasses, but whatever.
  6. DJEN

    solar pillar needs a nerf

    Many people will say that building an arena is the answer, but there is no way to guarantee a certain pillar to spawn in a particular area.
  7. DJEN

    Small ideas to improve summoner

    What if we do, and make things a little easier for everyone? Multiclassary is the way, after all. The strength of the buff could be made to scale with the amount of minions, too.
  8. DJEN

    Zoologist (Cursed Fox Tooth) Idea

    I honestly thought the item would just a simple death drop. Didn't expect it to be purchasable.
  9. DJEN

    Angel Heart

    Celestial Heart would make for a better name, I think.
  10. DJEN

    Amphibian Boots-styled sidegrades for all Hermes Boots variants

    Would miss being able to go to Frostspark from any boot, but really, since the Hermes Boots are more common than any of the others, I don't mind much.
  11. DJEN

    Early Pre-Hardmode Summoner Armor

    I personally would prefer Living Wood Armor, but shrooms and feathers are fine as well.
  12. DJEN

    Making the worst weapon type in the game viable + Helping Melee progression out a bit.

    Just giving the piercing property to most non-chakram type boomerangs would make them much better.
  13. DJEN

    Clentaminator changes type of torch

    The Torch God's Favor as-is only allows you to convert torches in your hand. I was suggesting a feature that allows placed torches to change into their proper biome variants when the biome they're in is converted.
  14. DJEN

    Clentaminator changes type of torch

    Even better, automatic torch conversion with changing biomes.
  15. DJEN

    Dash and Armour ability hotkey.

    This suggestion post needs more love.
  16. DJEN

    "I'd like a better Clentaminator" wish post

    An option to turn off or reverse the spread of the Hallow and Corruption/Crimson would be good.
  17. DJEN

    "I'd like a better Clentaminator" wish post

    We can now fight the head honcho of the Hallow, can't we? I think that should at least provide an option to control the Hallow's spread.
  18. DJEN

    New Boss: Eye of Void

    Nay. Not epic enough.
  19. DJEN

    [Sprites] Placeable materials

    Yes cannot describe my opinion toward this quote.
  20. DJEN

    WIP Cutting Ties With The Corrupting Forces In Style/The Show Host: A New NPC

    The wave-based holiday-themed events were quite a thing, to be frank. Before, I thought I would hate them greatly due to the requirements and the pace. ......Wait, wait. I just droned about how the Pumpkin Moon and the Frost Moon were suprisingly more engaging than thought, not going into the...
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