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  1. DexavioR

    tModLoader Illelium Mod! General content mod (UNRELEASED WIP) v0.0.2

    Terraria General Content Mod - tModLoader 0.10.2 Pre-Alpha v0.0.2 Notice: The Illelium Mod will not be further worked on. It will instead be branching out into 2 separate mods, Ultimate Cases, and the Trinity Mod. Some content WILL be abandoned, but if you see a sprite you like ask me...
  2. DexavioR

    Pixel Art Sprite Requests!

    Hey guys! I am a "beginner" spriter, decent if I say so myself. I need more practice, and some people want sprites, so I will do them for you! Request whatever you want, except a complicated Npc/Boss. I can't wait to see what I can make!
  3. DexavioR

    tModLoader The Tantalite Mod! (V1.0)

    Hello. Me and some other guys collabed to make this mod. It's called the tantalite mod. It is still a wip, but you can download the early version here. Anyways, it adds a lot of stuff, such as armors, weapons, bosses, and brand new enemies.This mod is a WIP, but it is still somewhat useable...
  4. DexavioR

    tModLoader The Tactical Mod! Terraria (WIP)

    Hey guys! Been learning a bit and working on my little mod :)) And more! Got quite a bit of progress, so far have over 32 items, all with sprites I made (some of the sprites are bad, those are the ones i made earlier on) Anyways, this mod is based somewhat...
  5. DexavioR

    tModLoader How to make Vanilla NPC's drop a modded item?

    I want to make my Weapon called "WaterKnife" drop with a 10% chance from HM Ocean enemies (jellyfish, sharks, crabs). Does anyone know how I could do that easily? Thanks. And also, if anybody could tell me how to make my throwing weapon act like a boomerang (spin, go out, and retract) that...
  6. DexavioR

    tModLoader Error (Can't compile mod)

    Hey, so I was just testing out a little weapon I made. I added it to mod sources, and tried to build it. It was near the end of the loading bar thing, and it gave me this error: Sequence contains no matching element at System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2...
  7. DexavioR

    PC Megahzahrd - Advanced Hardmode Boss

    You know how when you defeat the golem, the golem head kinda fades away? I have a great idea: a post-moon-lord boss (I don't think cthulhu should be directly after moonlord). Once the moonlord is defeated, a message saying "The jungle surface is melting away..." appears. The Mysterious blackhole...
  8. DexavioR

    WIP Lightning Stick

    A cool hardmode weapon obtained by crafting 5 cobalt bars, 1 mini telsacoil, and 15 souls of might on a mythril anvil. -Mini teslacoil: Made from a lizard power cell and 10 souls of light, aswell as 25 wire. Lightning ROD 80 magic damage 4% critical strike chance No knockback Insanely fast...
  9. DexavioR

    tModLoader Lightning Stick Mod (NEED CODERS AND SPRITERS)

    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, but I have been playing terraria for a while now. I have a pretty cool idea for a small mod, for terraria tModLoader, which adds a simple 3 more items/things (currently what I am aiming for) -A "mini teslacoil" can be created by 25 wire and a lihzahrd...
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