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    Anti-Grav Tower, Powered By Rainbow Brick.

    Just wanted to share the first nice looking thing I built :)
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    Making a "cutaway" look?

    I'm trying to create a "cutaway" look for a multi-tiered house with roofs spreading out more as you go down the levels. In the lower roof here, you see my attempt to give the impression of a roof that goes all the way around the building, but we are "seeing through" to the interior. I'm not sure...
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    PC Rudy's Random Rarities

    Welcome to Rudy's Random Rarities! I'm looking to trade items for items, here. While I'm perfectly willing to pay money for items on my "want" list, I'm not very interested in receiving it, and will only trade for money for large offers. My haves list is very incomplete; I've tried to summon...
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