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    WHO WINS? Phantasm, Tsunami or Vortex Beater (Post Phantasm Nerf)

    How skilled of a necromancer are you? You really did a number on this thread.
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    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Since the Angler only gives you the golden fishing rod after 30 quests, I'm gonna have to say you are lying, or you experienced a bug, which is much less likely.
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    First Day

    Holy :red: your signature is ridiculous (I only see 4 knights at freddys) @OP: Go ask the guide what to do, that's what he's there for. Look up some youtube videos if you are still unsure, there are 10,0000000 of them. If the guide died, make a decent sized box of wood, craft some wood walls...
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    What Biome do you think needs the most love?

    Omnir? Also, you can change worlds whenever you want -_-
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    PC What is this?

    well you should've said that earlier, lol. It's the shadowbeam staff, you can see item names above the hotbar in the video if you fullscreen it edit:ninja'd :sigh:
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    Has anyone gotten Chlorophyte to work as advertised?

    I'm pretty sure that protecting the underground jungle isnt really a problem, even before 1.3, since crimruption can turn mud into dirt but, when legitimately underground, the biome grass cant actually spread to those new dirt blocks. Since the underground jungle has very little stone (the main...
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    What Biome do you think needs the most love?

    Damn son. The lunatic cultist makes me think of the final boss of dark souls (a boss the same size as you after dozens of giants), and I guess your soliloquy does too. I wonder if T:O will have an actual story, especially anything like that, haha
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    PC Sniper OP???

    it's relevant to what the people above me are saying though, so maybe you should tell them to edit their posts too.
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    Disappointed with Expert Mode.

    I'm pretty sure that's it, they just have more stats. No new behaviour like other bosses.
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    PC Sniper OP???

    BTW there is an option to make an outlined cursor now, you just have to edit the config file manually. edit: heres the link http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/1-3-tutorial-how-to-add-change-or-remove-borders-for-your-ingame-cursor-mouse.22753/
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    What Biome do you think needs the most love?

    Heh, yeah. The terraria update reminds me of dark souls - every boss is (much) bigger than the player, except for the final one. (obviously in terraria the cultist is 2nd to last, but whatever)
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    What Biome do you think needs the most love?

    It seems to me that, pre-hardmode, the biomes seem appropriately fleshed out (underground desert could use some more enemy or chest loot though, plus a use for the mandibles, to make it a snow biome parallel). Marble and especially granite are somewhat lacking, but the biomes are very small...
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    What is your ideal world?

    -Large world -Either biome, I make multiple worlds for every character to get the necessary loot anyways. -a pyramid or two, with the sandstorm and hopefully also the magic carpet (who cares about the vanity) -at least 1 giant tree, with both wands and a loom (I loooove me some treehouses) -an...
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    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    that is some pretty bad luck. There is a less than 1% chance that ML doesn't drop any specific item after 40 kills, lol
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    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    it's whispering into his ear... welcome to the jungle... hakuna matata.....
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    PC Suggestion: Escaped Cultist NPC

    ...that actually makes a lot more sense
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    PC Suggestion: Escaped Cultist NPC

    Shouldn't this be in the suggestions section?
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    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    Your first screenshot is a bit dark, could you make a brighter and/or bigger one?
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    PC New playthrough challenges

    Some interesting challenges are (use other world or inv editor to get items): 1: Play through the entire game upside-down using a gravity globe (unless using real gravitation potions). You fail if you fall into the sky. 2: Play through the entire game with the neptune's shell and the fishbowl...
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    PC Just a question

    Do you know which video it was?
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