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  1. Nancok

    Cave Story Life Bars

    Title, adapted for Terraria Set life display to "Bars" in Settings to use it A small example (bars are shortened cuz this is the icon and i'm too lazy to make another preview): They don't look blurry in game, this is merely a side effect of posting the image. Link: Download
  2. Nancok

    Music Pack The One Game-One Song Project

    TL;DR: Comment a song that you like from a game that could replace a song from terraria and it may be added to this pack This post is not abandoned, but the time i dedicate to it has lessened, so it may take longer for me to check requests. I am also making progress with the downloadable sound...
  3. Nancok

    List of available "Terraria Tweaks 2" user-made plugins (Unofficial)

    Dem link to the table of plugins`:D Link to Terraria Tweaker 2 (tool required to run these plugins):cool: At the current rate of how many plugins are being made, it will be a pain to search for them in the thread of the tool, so here is a quick compilation of (hopefully) all the available...
  4. Nancok

    Almost impossible to beat Moonlord consistently without exploits?

    I've honestly forgotten how to beat moonlord, i just remember that i always had issues with it So i tried planning out how to dodge and deal with his attacks, the thing is, his attacks seem quite literally impossible to dodge consistently. First issue is the eye projectiles (NOT the eyes that...
  5. Nancok

    Moon lord nerf (massive attack with explosive eyes)

    Since i tried the beat the moon lord, every 2 of 6 times it released a huge amount of his explosive eyes attack(Phantasmal Sphere) and killed me easily, i even made an arena with heart statues to heal me, but the amount of eyes is so much that it keeps me floating due to the knockback and i cant...
  6. Nancok

    Sequential activation of fountains

    Ok i will make this quick, i have problems with one of my crations, i put all the fountains in one place and the idea is to make them activate in order, would be something like: A is activated, A activates B and B deactivates A, then B activates C and C deactivates B, and it goes back to...
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