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  1. Razue

    PC Razue's Build Archive

    This is an archive for the builds i do, that's pretty much all i do here, although i do appreciate critcizm for my builds! This is a build i made in a server called New Star Labs (AKA Valentine), started with a basic skyhouse and then expanded it. If you want to see this build in the server...
  2. Razue

    PC I'm Buying Some Items Here

    I'm currently looking for a Star Wrath, Slime Staff and 312 Rainbow Bricks. I'm an active member so you can expect to see more item requests from me. IMPORTANT NOTE: I will report any players that scan me, so don't try anything funny, this is a trading place after all.
  3. Razue

    Very Simple Crystal Farm (also moneh farm :D)

    Hello there! I'm new to this Discussion Group, here's my latest creation; The Crystal Farm! (also useful for moneh >:3) Instructions (for beginners): Make Pearlstone Plataforms (like show in the snapshot), put Actuators in them, then put a Lever at the point where you are gonna stand still, put...
  4. Razue

    A Build for Valentine's Day

    Just got this idea while surviving a Slime Rain, i just wanted to make a Valentine's Day related build because i saw a Blue Slime (actually many :/). I shouldn't have made this today though lol.
  5. Razue

    The Angler's Fishing Spot

    This is my best build so far, i made it so that the Angler could have a special spot for fishing. (He is one of my favorite NPCs tho)
  6. Razue

    A New World for Me

    Hello! My nickname is Razue, but you can call me whatever you want! I'm new to this Forum, but i'm already at Hardmode (just starting). I LOVE Terraria, i got addicted to it in my first 2 minutes in the game! Anyways, i hope this community accepts me as a true member. I've heard great things...
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