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  1. Zippy02

    What's next for re-logic?

    They were going to make another game, that isn't a terraria project. Does anyone have any ideas on what they next game is?
  2. Zippy02

    Console Console Release Month?

    I think never
  3. Zippy02

    Terraria on C64

    If you have never heard of the c64 its a 8-bit home computer introduced in January 1982 and is the highest-selling single computer model of all time. It can be used to play and program games in the 80s BASIC programing language. I want to see someone try to create terraria in the BASIC...
  4. Zippy02

    Ask me anything!!

    Just ask me anything!
  5. Zippy02

    Best song from the best soundtrack? (terraria soundtrack)

    The best video game music is 100% terraria but I wanted to ask what your favourite piece of music was? My favourite was the plantera theme as I like rock like music.
  6. Zippy02

    Mobile How do you get an older version of terraria on mobile?

    I have been playing on mobile 1.4 for a while now but I've aslo been looking for an older version that has better controls and the exclusive features. Does anyone know how to change version as I have tried as much as I can but still can't get it. Plus I dont want to uninstall the current 1.4...
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