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  1. Duze

    PC [tConfig] The Last Metroid

    The Last Metroid v0.8 Introduction Seven long years ago this project began in earnest with much work done on the map primarily. But it was thought that combining the Super Metroid Terraria map adventure with a tConfig mod would be pretty cool. Summary The map and mod combo starts the player...
  2. Duze

    Carbuncle 2.0 -- Chat Room & Game Server Host Platform | 30 minute/1 hour sessions with custom maps

    NEWS [/SPOILER] Sept. 9th, 2021 NEW INTRODUCTION This has a been a long in-progress effort to enable free session-based hosting for quite a long time now. The first rendition of this was web based through an online form. Since then several iterations of versions of this was created from a...
  3. Duze

    Terrævents | From Pong to Anarchy Styled Events

    Terrævents Greetings to all fellow Terrarians: Terraevents is a server that is dedicated to hosting functional and successful events for our community to enjoy. We have an active and cohesive staff team of moderators and admins that work on setting up these events and ensuring that they...
  4. Duze

    tModLoader Inter-Client Chatting Extension

    Networked Chat Extension version v0.1 Introduction As an alternative to using Steam or Discord chat, direct communication through Terraria's chat can be done using this mod so long as each player is in-game and in-world, or connected to different Terraria servers. Examples How this would work...
  5. Duze

    Tool Carbuncle - Terraria Server Lobby

    Carbuncle V2b rc5 a Server Matchmaker Downloads Version 2b rc5 NEW Legacy Version 2a rc4 Version 1a Latest official news Brief Description This version completely revises the program and is oriented toward sharing server data and providing a simple chat lobby. Overview of Features Chat...
  6. Duze

    tModLoader Takeryl Project | Angels vs. Demons (& Space Pirates)

    Summary Angels and demons have found themselves in Omnia OS. What's left but to duke it out to the finish? Rogue beings called Space Pirates roam the battlefield -- once souls of angels or demons, but defeated in the span of time. Feedback Disclaimer: me deeming possible within the scope of...
  7. Duze

    tModLoader Super Metroid [content pack] | Solo Adventure Campaign | open beta

    Summary Here I come to bring to you a Super Metroid content pack and solo adventure campaign, both WIPs. I have done the skeleton of the mod, and feel now it's time to do a small release. What's left is fleshing out the rest of the code, and cleaning up any bugs along the way. Where I could...
  8. Duze

    tModLoader Build Mate - In-Game Mapping Tools (is multiplayer)

    Build Mate version 2 This is an old tConfig mod of mine that was ported over to tML. Preview It will be on the Mod Browser within a few days. Tell me what you think. Maybe a feature you want in an in-game world builder tool.
  9. Duze

    tModLoader Duze's Compendium of Mods

    From here on out, I'll be uploading my mods here. If those who are familiar with previous modifications made are still around, they will recognize these -- AKA I'm updating from old modding tools. Feel free to guest in on these, though I currently have not added any to the mod browser...
  10. Duze

    Tool [Server] HTML Form Launcher - server startup automation

    HTML Form Launcher Hey, how's it going, Back in 2015 I was modding for tConfig, specifically making mods like "On Fire" and Metroid, and essentially, through visual coding, I learned C#. I, in turn, applied it to applications, and this idea came about. I finally finished fixing the bugs, so it...
  11. Duze

    Adventure Summit, AKA Sand Dungeon (and more I guess?)

    Hello, So I made this a little bit back. The platforms later on are supposed to alternate, but I am not very familiar with the wiring logic system. It's probably really simple in concept--I just haven't familiarized myself with the AND and whatever logic. I guess, you know, just use logic? It's...
  12. Duze

    Adventure The Terrarian Zebes (Super Metroid world) ~2 1/2 hrs to complete

    11/26 7:50pm PST, Revision: I updated the chests to look upgrade specific, added boss articles, fixed a few little things and changed around some of the main items (sorry I forgot about the lucky horseshoe before!) A while back, in 1.0.5 (I think?), Chazara made a portion of the Super Metroid...
  13. Duze

    Megaman in Half-Life 2

    Hey, So back in 2013, I had Source SDK with experience in Hammer. I used to play Megaman Legends for the Playstation, and I loved the intro cutscene and wanted to play it. So I took some initiative and the built it in Hammer. It was a fun project, and took a couple days. The best part was the...
  14. Duze

    Circle Prefect, Monthly Hosting Subscription | One Week Free

    Register a server: Online Form Pay for a monthly subscription: Reseller's Website February 100% off discount (Feb. 1st, 2021) January hosting deal (Jan. 2nd, 2021) Latest details (Dec. 30th, 2020) News: Jan. 28th, 2021 NEW Server Manager web page launched today. It writes data into the tshock...
  15. Duze

    Wavebank Cave Story (song covers)

    CAVE STORY, by Pixel Hello, I am crazy and... nuts, and I am going to do something... crazy, AKA cover ALL of the Cave Story songs for a new wavebank. WHYYY did I choose to do this?! ... Not sure, but whatever, so I will eventually finish all of them. I actually did Geothermal last year in the...
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