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  1. ecotrocal

    PC Snowy field house

    Nice! If you don't mind me asking, what are those lamps you use?
  2. ecotrocal

    PC Snowy field house

    I like this little lodge. However, I'd improve it by replacing the clouds serving as the snow on the roof with actual snow, I'd take out the bookcase completely and put bookshelves along the stairs leading down to the balcony (This would disconnect the stairs that lead to the second floor from...
  3. ecotrocal

    PC Little lighthouse with an inn close by.

    I love it! First of all, I love the fact that the inn opens up to the sea. Inside the inn, every room is very detailed, however I feel the top room (connected to the ground floor through rope) should serve as a bedroom, rather than a sitting area, because an inn wouldn't be an inn without one or...
  4. ecotrocal

    PC My bouncehouse creation

    That bouncy house looks like something I'd gladly jump into. Nice work!
  5. ecotrocal

    PC 1.3.2 Changelog

    Thank you, everyone who worked on this update and pushed it out in a relatively short window of time! I swear, with the new items, Terraria will turn into a pixelated Tommorowland, we just need the rave music. I agree with you on this one. How does the system work? I'd be more than curious...
  6. ecotrocal

    Pixel Art Eli's Pixel Factory

    Hi there! First of all, I love your work, I think it's very well done and just beautiful. Secondly, could you try to sprite an 'Angel Sword' which has angel wings growing out of it's guard or hilt? Extensively, if the first one succeds, could you possibly try to make a 'Demon Sword' (Grows...
  7. ecotrocal

    @Shadow_Mantis I never relied on throwables in my playthroughs, except for the Javelins, when...

    @Shadow_Mantis I never relied on throwables in my playthroughs, except for the Javelins, when they hit the scene in 1.3. I agree, however, that this branch of combat should be expanded and some new items/mechanics added into future updates, as well as, maybe, an incentive of some sort, to...
  8. ecotrocal

    Cause of death: 'Hypeodomia'

    Cause of death: 'Hypeodomia'
  9. ecotrocal

    Blowing someone else's candle doesn't make yours brighter.

    Blowing someone else's candle doesn't make yours brighter.
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