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  1. jokekid

    item IDs sorted by types?

    is there any place where i can find a properly sorted IDList? both the terraria wiki and the TModLoader wiki just sort all items by ID, but i want a place where i can search all melee weapon IDs, or ranged weapons, or magic, or consumable; you get the point.
  2. jokekid

    PC 1.3 new waterfall type

    as you can see, we can now make true waterfalls, by just placing half-slabs BELOW a water body, i hope to see this in a lot of cool ways soon :P PD: you might already know this or not, this is just informational and it shows how different sizes look.
  3. jokekid

    tAPI The sandbox mod.

    currently i've got nothing done on it yet, and i'm still fleshing out ideas for this, here are the mod's goals: - absolute sandbox, meaning you can create specific areas to spawn specific mobs, and even select what sub-type of that mob will spawn (alt sprites) - controllable mobs, not sure if i...
  4. jokekid

    tAPI if i wanted to edit the world-gen...

    is it possible to edit the world-gen process using tApi? if so, where can i find documentation on the matter? my main purpose would be to include more randomly generated dungeons, since we don't have enough of them :P
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