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  1. Spurkit

    **REPORTED** Flying Knife

    I can use Flying Knife with some of weapons, such as chained, yo-yo, binoculars and may something etc. I need to know it's feature or bug. It's from 1.3 so idk.
  2. Spurkit

    **REPORTED** Jousting Lance Bug

    Strange enough, but my character doesn't hold a Jousting Lance. It appear when i use full set of any armor. (It does not matter if it mele or not, without armor it's normal)
  3. Spurkit

    PC Appearance Banner Eyes and Wandering Eyes

    Left is cool, right is kind of old and minimalistic.
  4. Spurkit

    **REPORTED** Multiplayer issues

    Ehh, many times mob are lagging. I mean foating, jumping into the ground etc. I know it's can be if you have bad connection or smth, but I run server, and I see it. Problems with Chaos Elemental. When he "teleports", he just emmit some particle and run into wall, right to me.
  5. Spurkit

    Working as Designed Sitting on a chair with NPC

    Hi, just a minnor issue. When I sat on the chair, the NPC decided to do the same. And I think that sitting on the knees of children is rude.
  6. Spurkit

    PC Visual bug

    Using Lighning boots to fly, and then call a mount, produce wrong particle (regular rocket boots) for a couple of milisec
  7. Spurkit

    **REPORTED** Chain weapon incorrect displayed

    Chain weapon held by hand. Non-mount: Chain weapon held by leg? On mount:
  8. Spurkit

    PC Slime King don't despawn

    So, in Slime Rain, I'm slayed enough slime to summon Slime King. But in fight I was slayed, but Boss don't desappear. Affter respawn I killed him (I'm not proud of it, but this is the master mode). So it's feature or nuh?
  9. Spurkit

    Working as Designed Rule scale is a weapon?

    Just to be in touch.
  10. Spurkit

    Working as Designed Goldfish walks without Rain

    Rain is gone but she still standing. I don't know but I think i'ts wrong: When I caught and let her go, she start jump. SO it's a bug:
  11. Spurkit

    **REPORTED** Demon Altar Glitch

    I'm just regular playing in master mod, with crimson in huge world. When I visited a one of "doubled" crimsone cave i have noticed a one glitch when two of demon altar is to close to each other and one of it don't have a part of texture. (Sorry for my bad english)
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