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  1. obsoleek

    tModLoader The Stars Above - 'Conquer the world's evils, Starfarers at your side.' (v0.7 "Apotheosis" Released!)

    Should make a discord for this, would love to help out with the mod :)
  2. obsoleek

    What If You Could Shapeshift in Terraria?!?!

    I agree, I just wish I knew who did....
  3. obsoleek

    tModLoader Nebur's Character Traits Mod

    this is really cool, when this mod gets more fleshed out i'd love to mess with it :)
  4. obsoleek

    Calamity Mod Review - Should You Play?

    Thank you, very much appreciated !
  5. obsoleek

    ❰World First❱ Blushiemagic Expert No Hit. Thank you for making a great fight, Blushiemagic.

    You are absolutely insane, Great job! Crazy how right after posting the video talking about the hardest bosses, you broke history of defeating the hardest boss on expert nohit. You are a true masochist
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