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  1. Shu-jico

    Terraria's Tales: The Goblin Tinkerer

    "Hey, you, rocket scientist," the goblin sorcerer asked. Reluctantly, he responded: "What is it this time?" I have always been different from most of them. I had glasses, but no strength or magic powers. They would spend time doing wars over cloth and fighting over nonsense, while I would...
  2. Shu-jico

    The Void Traveller

    The Void Traveller is an NPC that acts like the Skeleton Merchant, only he is much harder to find, and he is unique in the fact that he sells random cave items and Void Bars, but most of his items are limited (and will run out). You can find him roaming the Cavern region of the...
  3. Shu-jico

    The Void Bar

    The Void Bar is a type of bar that is sold by the Void Traveller NPC at night. He has limited stock of bars every time you find him, so it may take a while to gather a decent amount. The bar is used to craft the Void Shotbow and a few other items at a Mythril/Orichalcum Anvil. (I sound like...
  4. Shu-jico

    Void Shotbow weapon

    (Part of "Random Items" series) The Void Shotbow is a bow that shoots 2-4 Void Arrows per shot, similar to a Chlorophyte Shotbow. However, it converts any usable arrow into Void Arrows. Void Arrows are a certain type of arrow that deals decent damage (14 without modifiers) and has a 33% chance...
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