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  1. HarrisonKrueger1988

    my wacky Vulpine (Fox) sprites

    (Reference) or (nod) To the old (Sprite) fox costume from 1.2 these fast beings are good for a furry player mod or whatever.. these sprites are inspired by the old fox costume as pictured before
  2. HarrisonKrueger1988

    favorite moment in Igor (2008) MGM Animated movie

    dr Glickenstien Yellling IIIGGGOOOORRRRRRR and the brain wash scene And You Made My Monster... An Actress and dr shodefroyde and jacklyn slapping Their igor and other scenes that are good in a old 2000s halloween parody animated film
  3. HarrisonKrueger1988

    is wish a chinese place for bootlegs and scams

    i remember seeing Videos about anyone buying fursuits from wish those bad suits from wish are insults to good furries also i watched silicone mask scam videos from wish and any social media theyre just cheap mediocre walmart halloween latex masks you can purchace for 10 dollars also stay away...
  4. HarrisonKrueger1988

    Funny Horror Movie Quote

    Hey!.. You.. Forgot The Power Glove!...... Freddy Krueger Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare This Is For Tupac! Chucky Child's Play (2019) Hey Ted Where The Hell Is The CorkScrew Jim Friday the 13th part 4
  5. HarrisonKrueger1988

    favorite kill from horror movies 70,s 80,s 90,s

    1 bob halloween 1978 2 marcie and jack friday the 13th 1980 3 glen a nightmare on elm street 1984 4 casey scream 1996
  6. HarrisonKrueger1988

    evil dead II 1987 is the best and army of darkness is the best and bonus The evil dead 1981

    this is the best horror movie ive ever seen so the plot is simple two young adults go to an abandoned cabin to do a vacation how ever ash listens to a tape recorder with the necromomicon releaseing the evil spirits possesing his girlfriend linda he arms himself with a shotgun and chainsaw for a...
  7. HarrisonKrueger1988

    What Was The worst game You played

    Fortnite and shovelware and asset flip games
  8. HarrisonKrueger1988

    favorite friday the 13th movie

    heres mine part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 jason x freddy vs jason and the 2009 remake
  9. HarrisonKrueger1988

    what was the worst movie you saw

    to me it was the emoji movie and other bad movies i hated
  10. HarrisonKrueger1988

    HAPPY Friday The 13TH Some freddy and jason terraria pixel art

    Here,s Freddy and jason These Two Horror Icons Fought and slashed their way against victims since the 80,s
  11. HarrisonKrueger1988

    favorite fallout villain

    mines the master frank horrigan and the leigon
  12. HarrisonKrueger1988

    favorite halloween set (vanity)

    heres mine treasure hunter wolf fox reaper ghost witch creeper cat vampire robot bride of frankenstein space creature unicorn whats yours.....
  13. HarrisonKrueger1988

    some classic fallout stuff in terraria

    hello guys i made some fallout 1&2 stuff in terraria we have the vault suit the leather jacket the T_51B power armor from fallout 1 and 2 so more suits like the combat armor advanced enclave power armor and leather armor metal armor and robes and other classic fallout stuff
  14. HarrisonKrueger1988

    harrisons Textures of horrors

    hi guys its me harrison ive made a few textures first off we have a chucky inspired fox set and a psycho retextured as jason iam kinda a horror movie fan iam making a texture pack based off horror movies also the image You see is in WIP also i retextured the mime mask to look like jason,s mask...
  15. HarrisonKrueger1988

    Guess Who

    hello guys im harold you can call me harrison ive played terraria on xbox 360 since 2015 after i saw videos of the game in 2012 2013 now years later i still play terraria on my pc still... to this day
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