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  1. Phish

    Bug's Works

    Nice! Got a lot of inspiration from these, especially the Dryad in a bottle.
  2. Phish

    Mobile Starts for Destoryer?

    I have a myrhril repeater, will that work?
  3. Phish

    Mobile Starts for Destoryer?

    @whoneedsnamestbh Do you thing a Sunfury would work?
  4. Phish

    Mobile Starts for Destoryer?

    Title says everything. What armor should I have? What weapons?
  5. Phish

    Mobile Selling corruption items for cheap!

    OPEN EVERYDAY AFTER 5:00 PM EST Selling items like: Worm teeth Shadow scale Demonite Ebonsand Vile Mushrooms Corruption Powder And more!
  6. Phish

    Mobile Selling ANY item on Terraria Mobile/PC/3DS/Xbox One/Switch

    How much for a shadow key?
  7. Phish

    Terraria Holiday Shopping Guide

    I use my 8BitDo controller on my phone (though it annoyingly registers as a PlayStation controller) to play Terraria, I might buy one of these.
  8. Phish

    CC Creation Compendium #83

    Love @Modrix submission! Kinda looks like a flying snow biome laboratory.
  9. Phish

    Texture Pack Mecha Drones - An Arachnophobia Resource Pack

    This is possibly the best and funniest texture pack that I have ever and will ever see. If I had the PC version, I would download this ASAP.
  10. Phish

    What if there was one that made them look like small bosses?

    What if there was one that made them look like small bosses?
  11. Phish

    Texture Pack Gameraiders101 Vanity Set (Lamb Edition)

    cow drip bottom text
  12. Phish

    Texture Pack Melster's Minecraft Texturepack

    Nice! I like the idea of the Wither Storm as the moon lord.
  13. Phish

    Mobile Looking to buy Reaver Shark

    Let me how much you are selling for!
  14. Phish

    PC Anyone wants free pumpkin moon items

    I know I’m a bit late, but are you still offering?
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