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  1. MySimplePixel

    Drawings & Paintings My Horror Themed Compositions (Mature-ish)

    So I've started to get into making compositions on photoshop. Getting really into it. Spent around 18 hours making these 2 images. Friday 13th & Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I do want to make more images based on horror movies, but just trying to think of ideas. Let me know what you think of these.
  2. MySimplePixel

    Software to plan builds?

    Hey all, Hope you're all ok and safe! Even though it might be a while away, I'm getting hyped for 1.4 on Consoles/switch. In doing so, I'm getting so many ideas of new builds I want to make. I was wondering if anyone knew of a website or software where I could create this builds, mess about...
  3. MySimplePixel

    Console Reforge / Armour builder

    Hi all, Does anyone know if there is a such a website where I can see all the reforge options for the weapons? Or maybe if there's an armour builder so I can mix n match sets and see what sort of stats I could get? Thanks
  4. MySimplePixel

    Switch Game Crashes When I Visit the Ocean

    Discovered a bug this morning, whenever I visit my ocean (on the right/east side) the game crashes. No idea why. I've tried it with 2 different characters and have the same results. I can go to the underworld all the way, so it's gotta be something around the ocean spawning area? Really don't...
  5. MySimplePixel

    Console Shrink Text

    Hi all, Is there a way of shrinking the text displayed by the cell phone etc? I've got it as zoomed out as I can, but it still seems to take up alot of screen space. I've seen some PC gameplay where the text is alot smaller than the console version. Or is that more likely due to different...
  6. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Map constantly resets for friends

    So me and my friend have been playing through Terraria online. It's just the 2 of us, but everytime I join, my map is blacked out like I have never joined the world before. It's the same character I'm joining as, it's the same player he's playing as. Nothing has changed. Getting bit annoying...
  7. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Wormhole Potions

    So I've been playing online multiplayer via Xbox recently and we are trying to make the most of wormhole potions. I'm not sure if this is a well known thing, but if you are the host and using a worm hole potion, you go on the map and click the person who you want to teleport to. But if the...
  8. MySimplePixel

    Other Art My Terraria Tattoo

    Got this tattoo just over a year ago, really tempted to get another one now....any suggestions? Anyone else got a Terraria tattoo?
  9. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Converted A Friend

    Hopefully this is the correct forum for this. So I've got a friend who has slated me for loving Terraria as he's never understood the hype. Well, thanks to lockdown (silver lining with the lockdown) he ran out of games to play and I offered to play Terraria with him online and show him what's...
  10. MySimplePixel

    Resolved [Switch] Statue farm for Pirate maps?

    Hi all, Just wondering, can you use a statue farm in the ocean biome to get the pirate maps? I've got a few statues, pirhanas, crabs etc. Which I was thinking of setting up to a timer with lava to hopefully help me get the pirate map. Was also thinking of making the Ocean a hallow one to try...
  11. MySimplePixel

    Switch Switch World not loading

    So I've been playing an expert world on the Switch. Gone to play it today and it just won't load that world. It goes through the loading percentage, but then just the terraria logo, background and music remains. All my other worlds seem to load. I've tried creating a new character, deleting...
  12. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Rare paintings?

    Does anyone know if you can get the rare paintings from the dungeons in the current console version? I know there was a bug on the PC version which stopped them spawning correctly. They are the only ones I need now :(
  13. MySimplePixel

    Xbox One Valid housing?

    I'm starting to build a nice tavern for the tavern keeper when consoles finally get that update. So I've started building it, but it's stating it's not valid housing and I can't work out why. I've tried adding normal tables and chairs. No luck. Any ideas? Just in case the image didn't work...
  14. MySimplePixel

    Console What are you looking forward to most in the update?

    With the update coming (hopefully) soon, been thinking about all the things we get to look forward to. New bosses,weapons,events. I can't wait to try out the new events. What are you all looking forward to?
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