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  1. Lithium

    tModLoader Litho's Armory

    Reports of my death were BULLCRAP! After several months of hiatus, Litho's Armory finally returns with the Revenant Update, a huge content patch with a focus on polishing up some of the mod's weakest points previously- fixing up old sprites, making sweeping balance changes, and preparing for...
  2. Lithium

    Standalone Sound Pack- Terraria SFX Overhaul

    Have you ever fired a Musket or shark gun variant and thought "Hm, you know, guns really shouldn't go *bok*." I have too! And since I'm pretty much only good at doing sound stuff, I thought it might be fun to replace a bunch of Terraria's more lackluster sound effects with something more...
  3. Lithium

    PC Flying Broomstick Hoverboard Replacer

    Have you ever dressed your cute little mage up as a witch, and wished she could have a flying broomstick to go with her pointy hat and black cat? Well, I know I have. And now, thanks to several hours of spritework, you can! Replacing the Hoverboard (the only item that's a wing which would...
  4. Lithium

    Wavebank Lithium's Custom Wave Banks!

    Custom Wavebanks This thread will act as the hub for all the Wavebanks I post, from now on. Click one to see the description, track list, and download links for each wavebank. Some tracks are listed as being replaced by multiple tracks- this means that one sound file contains multiple music...
  5. Lithium

    PC 1.3 Custom Wave Bank Track List

    Since I haven't seen a new thread with the updated track list, I figured I'd share what I have. This list uses the original filenames for the tracks, save for what's in parentheses. 01_OverworldNight 02_Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) 03_OverworldDay 04_Boss1 (Eye of Cthulhu, Eater of Worlds...
  6. Lithium

    More Pirate Invasions on Talk Like A Pirate Day

    Just a simple, small change that I think would be a nice little touch. Maybe the NPCs could all talk like pirates then, too? I'd love to see the Pirate's reaction to that.
  7. Lithium

    PC Would posting a Metroid music pack be OK?

    -outdated thread, question was a bit dumb to begin with-
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